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Google Keep Comes To iPhone: Scheduling Just became more Interesting

Google Keep

Google Keep is one of those leading apps that have always been of use to its users. With a high number of app users to its credits, Google announced and launched Google Keep in 2013, after which the usage increased several folds and the demand for an iOS version increased.

This application is a virtual notepad which not only can save notes in the textual format but also saves images, audio clips, reminders, checklists along with an additional feature of sharing them all within the social circles.

The iOS version of this application was launched recently on the 24th of September 2015. The challenge faced by this application was Notes, the built-in note taking application on the iPhone.

Google Keep iOS app works similarly to their Android app, which allows it to sync with Chrome, Android, or the web app. The application also allows to find notes quickly, filter those using labels, set the time or location-based reminders, and also share all the lists with others on social media platforms.

5 Reasons Making Google Keep Unique

Here they are:

#1 Google Keep is in 34+ languages

The application is entirely based on English as a language but has the capability to translate the content into 34 or more different languages from across the globe. The primary languages that the application is proficient are English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, et al.

#2 The feature of Voice Notes

With people more used to speaking to their OS, Siri, a must have in the application was to be the technique of voice notes. Google Keep is capable enough to translate voice notes into different languages and play it back for referential purposes.

#3 Google Keep’s interface

With an interactive interface and color coding, the application attracts the users to use more and more of it. The interface is intriguing and boosts up the app use.

#4 Portable Data

Google Keep is built to be in sync with cloud sharing. One drive and cloud sharing makes it easily accessible from anywhere.

#5 It is compatible with IPhone, IPad, and IPod Touch.

Google Keep for iOS is compatible with version 8.0 or more in iPhone, iPad an iPod Touch which will help in making notes on the go, no matter which apple device is being used.

Here are some Screenshots of the interface,

google keep screenshot 1

google keep screenshot 4

google keep screenshot 2

google keep screenshot 3

Isn’t Google Keep already installed in your phone by now? Why wait?



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