[Infographic] 7 Sure Fire Ways to Get Your Blog Penalized By Google

Google Penalty

In the online Google world, it is essential to learn good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods so that your blog can rank in your targeted keywords that users are searching.

Often, we use some techniques and tricks that are not ethical or considered gray or black hat. A blog can be penalized by Google for various reasons and not following the Google webmaster guidelines.  These penalties can be manual or due to algorithmic changes/updates. The result of a Google penalty can be devastating to a site in terms of ranking as well as a site can disappear from search engine result page (SERP)!

In reality, no one knows what factors are used by Google to rank a website, but there are over 200 ranking factors per some SEO experts. These ranking factors are being used by Google in their algorithm and regular updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Mobilegeddon –  to just name a few.

So you may be wondering, what strategies I need to know and follow so that you can avoid those dreaded Google penalties.

Here is an informative infographic created by Blogtrepreneur.com that will help you understand Google penalties if you know these 7 reasons.

Some of them are very common mistakes like duplicate contents, and hidden text or links. Be very careful about backlinks now a day, as we really don’t need tons of backlinks anymore using PBN or comment spam.


Ways to Get Penalised by Google

At the end of the day, if you want good ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing, you must follow the best practices of SEO.

This means good keyword research, engaging content, a strategic out reach for link building, a fast loading & mobile friendly website and some social signals. It also important to understand the SEO ranking factors, as well as bad practices and how to avoid them.



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