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Google Launches YouTube Heroes – A Community Moderation Program

YouTube Heroes
Written by Jessee R

Here is your chance to participate in the YouTube community. Google has launched a community moderation program called YouTube Heroes that will reward registered volunteers through various ways.

YouTube Heroes – Five Tiers Program

The program offers a five-tiered approach.

  • Tier 1: Unlocks Heroes dashboard and gives access to the community.
  • Tier 2: Heroes get access to “workshops” for community moderator training and participate in group video conferences.
  • Tier 3: Heroes receive access to new tools, including the ability to mass flag videos and moderate the comments.
  • Tier 4: Heroes can communicate with YouTube staff directly and receive updates on new feature releases.
  • Tier 5: Heroes get to test new features before release.

Points are rewarded to the community users for flagging videos as part of the YouTube Trusted Flagger program. The program is by-invite only and gives users advanced flagging tools. Sign up for this program here.

Users can moderate the YouTube community with adding subtitles and captions to videos, to make them accessible to people who cannot hear or cannot use speakers. Users who help other community members and respond to queries on the YouTube Help forum also wins reward points.

Sign up for the BETA YouTube Heroes program through here.



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