How to Monitor Cell Phone Usage of Kids?

Monitor Cell Phone Usage of Kids
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Children are immature while handing their cell phones. They are unaware of malicious threats lurking around. Generally, this occurs mostly with teenagers. Exchanging semi-nude and nude images to someone has become common and it’s called ‘sex-ting’. This is a crime and children can be sent to prison for such provocative acts.

There are some applications which parents can download to monitor cell phone usage of kids. These software programs support almost chief operating systems like Symbian, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone and Android.

6 Apps to Monitor Cell Phone Usage of Kids

Here are 6 apps to monitor cell phone usage of kids.

#1 M Spy

M Spy is a cell phone spyware controller which has features like logging and monitoring calls, recording suspicious calls, blocking incoming calls when needed, monitoring text messages and instant messages, monitoring internet history, received or sent emails and many more. Features to monitor your kid’s mobile device are as follows:

  • GPS tracker with maps and routes
  • Keyword listing
  • Control Panel for easy access from PC
  • Monitor calendar
  • Record surrounding with bugging option
  • Control on other apps
  • Device block or wipe

#2 My Mobile Watchdog

This parental monitoring app can monitor your kid’s cell phone usage. It provides a listing of all your child’s activities via his/her cell phone. The features are as follows:

  • Monitors received or sent text messages
  • Monitors received or sent pictures
  • Get alerts on specified contacts
  • Give a log of incoming or outgoing calls
  • Location tracking with GPS tracking
  • Monitor approving of new contacts
  • Monitor phone usage timings of the child
  • Blocking apps
  • Control and monitor deleting of any contact
  • Provide a backup of contacts
  • Blocking of specified websites
  • Keep a log of web history and visited websites.

#3 IWonder Surf

iWonder Surf is a computer application which lets you to monitor and control the websites which your child is browsing. You can keep a log of the websites which they visit often. This application works instantly by sending details to the parent when his/her child opens a website.

#4 Ever Stealth

It enables keyword alerts, blocks unwanted websites through android and other devices. Ever Stealth notifies the user if any improper phrase or word appears on your kid’s phone. It enables alerts when any suspicious conversation occurs in emails, messengers, text messages or any written communications.

However, it lacks many such features like website blocking, locking or wiping data. You can also monitor your kid’s location with the help of GPS tracker.

#5 E Blaster

This application is enabled with GPS monitoring option. Anyone can track a child with the help of the GPS settings enabled in your phone. Your images can also show your present location. If the user uses Google Maps, then also the GPS settings is enabled. So this app keeps a track of your location. Other than that, it also keeps a track of calls, mails or text messages.

#6 Spy Bubble

Spy Bubble exposes the truth with its latest features specially designed for smartphones and smart devices. It keeps a record of received and sent photos, videos, mails and texts messages.

Moreover, it also enables GPS monitoring. So, you can monitor cell phone usage of kids without any hesitation.

Over to You

A child’s cell phone security is crucial due to an increase in cybercrimes, hacking, spamming and phishing. However, before purchasing and downloading any app check the reviews and ratings of the app. Although our recommendations are top notch, you may want to do some research on your own and buy the best software to monitor cell phone usage of kids.



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