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How To Use Facetime Correctly With Ease Of Access

How to use Facetime correctly

The virtual space is facing continuous contraction and the primitive state of just ‘speaking-over’ calls is now history. With applications and the camera and microphone in smartphones and iPhones, we can convert any normal call into a ‘video chat’.

While there is a set of applications which are required to be downloaded over in order to video call in android phones, iPhone has an inbuilt application, Facetime.

Facetime allows iPhone users to chat with each other with high-quality video chats. This is the ultimate application for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) being used by more than million users worldwide.

This article is about how to use Facetime, an application for Apple iPhone, Mac, Ipad which makes it possible to talk and emote with anyone with a built-in FaceTime camera. It’s good to hear a voice. But it’s even better to see the face and expressions!

4 Tips on How to Use Facetime Correctly

Here are some handy tips to use Facetime correctly!

#1 Turn your Facetime on

All that needs to be done is to open the FaceTime app and to sign in using the Apple ID created by you. If you’re an existing IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch or Mac user, FaceTime automatically registers the phone number. But if you wish to update Facetime with your e-mail address, all that needs to be done is tap Settings > FaceTime > Use your Apple ID for FaceTime, and sign in.

#2 Make a FaceTime call

FaceTime calls can be placed over and again and the prerequisites for the same is just the requirement of the person’s phone number or his/her registered e-mail address.

In the FaceTime app, the person’s phone number or email address or the contact name saved in the gadget memory is to be entered and by tapping the FaceTime video or audio icon one can place a call. You can also begin a FaceTime video call from your iPhone during a call. Tap the FaceTime icon during the phone call to talk using FaceTime.

#3 Use FaceTime Audio with Call Waiting

FaceTime not only offers video calls but also audio calls to its users. This audio call works on the same feature of a normal call, i.e. if an alternate call comes, either from a contact or FaceTime call, you can put the current call on hold and attend them, so the next time you know exactly how to use FaceTime.

#4 Record your FaceTime Chat to cherish it forever.

After an IPhone has been through its Jailbreak, it becomes compatible with an application which allows recording your FaceTime video! Ryan Petrich’s Display Recorder, an application needs to be downloaded, it enables your FaceTime to record the video (no audio as of yet) and to save your video.

All that needs to be done on how to use FaceTime recorder is to press the power button for 2 sec and do the same when you need to stop recording. Once recorded, the video can be uploaded directly to YouTube! Even though the feature to record audio is yet to come out, but being able to archive the video itself was a lovely treat.

Next time you know how to use FaceTime correctly with ease and even record them! Explore them all.



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  • I spend most of my phone call time on FaceTime audio only calls (start a FaceTime video call, then hit home button and then lock the phone, thus FaceTime audio call) I wish apple would let us use features like call waiting during this. When I am in this mode which can be for hours on end, I get no audio notification that there is another call coming in. (Most of the time the phone is in my pocket) I wish that FaceTime was treated more like a standard phone call in this matter.

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