India replies back to Pakistan at UNGA on Kashmir issue

India replies back to Pakistan at UNGA on Kashmir issue

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday proposed a four-step peace plan. He used the UN platform to accuse India of fostering instability in his country. In his speech, he referred Kashmir as a land under “Foreign Occupation” and said that he has been trying to reach India to solve this problem. He proposed that ceasefire violation should end at Line of Control between India and Pakistan and United Nations Military observer to verify the situation on the ground.

In his final proposal, he said that steps should be taken to”demilitarize Kashmir” and mutual withdrawal of troops from Siachen.

Just after these allegations surfaced, there was strong speculation over how India replies back to Pakistan at UNGA on Kashmir issue and the possibility of further rifts in reaching an accord.

India, exercising its Right of Reply during the General Debate of 70th session of UN General Assembly, replied back to Pakistan saying that indeed Kashmir is under foreign occupation but the occupier in question is Pakistan itself.

India further said that the Kashmir issue is still not resolved because Pakistan has always chosen to disregard its commitments, whether it was under the 1972 Simla Agreement, the 2004 Joint Declaration forswearing terrorism, or more recently, the understanding between our two Prime Ministers at UFA.

India accused Pakistan on the issue of ceasefire violation and firing at the line of control saying that the world knew that these violations are done to give cover fire to terrorists crossing borders. India has bluntly put that Pakistan uses terrorism as a legitimate instrument of statecraft which has its immediate consequences and, therefore, the victim of its own policies of breeding and sponsoring terrorists.

India reassured that it is ready to talk with Pakistan but in an atmosphere free from terrorism and violence.



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