Upgraded Coaches To Feature In Indian Railways This Diwali

Indian Railways This Diwali

The Indian railway has decided to upgrade its decade old, worn-out coaches and to come up with a and revamped model. This Diwali it might surprise its passengers with this gift.

The prototype of the newly designed coach has been ready in the Bhopal workshop. It is reported that National School of Design  has given its input for the interior design of these coaches. Going by the look of these coaches, it is not going to be anything like people  have got used to. All the classes from General and Sleeper to AC-I, II and III, has been modified.

The designing has focused mainly on optimising space and giving the coach slickness in look ad feel. The seats in the coaches are to be designed more economically, there is going to be new ladder for the upper seats and accessories like bottle holder, dining tray and all other things are going to be designed from scratch.

The toilets will be so designed to keep it clean and dry after regular use. The lightning system of the coaches will see a complete overhaul, now poorly lit bulbs ad tubes will give way to more efficient LEDs.

There has been an approach to break past from the old monotonous colour scheme and to include a combination of colours while designing. The Prime Minster Narendra Modi has instructed the designers to come up with colour schemes which can showcase the character of India with a design theme of ‘One India One Railway’.

Before rolling out the  newly made coaches, railway will hold a brainstorming session with the coach manufacturers from nine countries, including China, Japan, Spain, Italy, Australia, Germany and England in a seminar on Friday and Saturday.

The subject of discussions will be “Rail Coach Interiors: Innovation, Safety, Comfort”. The main idea behind this is to make the journey for its passengers more comfortable by incorporating world-class design and to develop a world-class railways system in India.



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