5 Indian Web Series Breeding Intelligent Television

TVF Pitchers
Written by Jessee R

The internet has opened the doors of opportunities to many. Today, I am able to write this post and publish it so that anybody around the world can find it and read it. I find that beautiful and futuristic.

We are living in the era of free information and entertainment. Websites like YouTube have allowed a lot of people to showcase their talent and move beyond the politics of core industries.

Indian television has also seen this revolution and it is still on the verge of expansion. YouTube channels like TVF and AIB have taken the intelligence level of mainstream Indian media to a whole new level by adding comedy to severe Indian issues. These channels have received the support of the motivated and frustrated Indian youth and raked in a lot more followers than the likes of old monarchs such as MTV and Channel V.

Indian YouTube has churned out some interesting web series. Let’s check them out.

5 Indian Web Series Breeding Intelligent Television

Here they are:

#1 TVF Pitchers

TVF Pitchers

Arunabh Kumar and his The Viral Fever Studios have been frontrunners in taking the Indian mainstream entertainment to the next level. With shows TVF Pitchers, they just showed us that not only can they work beyond humour but also add depth and substance to their story telling.

Pitchers is the story of 4 motivated guys who want to break the shackles of corporate slavery and venture into something of their own. With the startup revolution rampant in the country, the show has generated emphatic numbers and millions of views. Watch Now

#2 Man’s World

mans world

With Man’s World, Yash Raj Productions just entered the YouTube space. But don’t worry, they are not doing a Dhoom 3 here! The show is quite interesting as it takes on irony to showcase the plight of Indian women in India.

With some brilliant acting and direction, the show has impressed me continuously. If you want to gain perspective then this is a must watch show. Watch Now

#3 Permanent Roommates

permanent roommates

Another TVF chartbuster, the show takes TVF into venturing FRIENDS like genres successfully. In the show, they used circumstantial comedic plots to deliver beautiful messages of rationale and love throughout the series.

Contrary to the mainstream counterparts who provided deluded fantasies instead of real substance, Permanent Roommates is definitely a stark improvement in terms of Indian satire and drama. Watch Now

#4 Being Indian

I recently came across this series. It’s hilarious. It takes on a satirical over almost every stereotype in our society. Short 4-5 minute video filled with one liners that will tickle your bellies.

If you are a guy who takes offence, then refrain from this channel. But if you love good trash humour then it’s one of the best out there.

#5 Bring On the Night

It’s a bilingual web series which aired on MTV once. It has a big following on YouTube. It focuses on the lives of a young entrepreneur and shows how and his chums try to convert a 200 old heritage site in Mumbai to an all-night club.

Contrary to other shows that have aired on this network, this one is definitely worth a watch.

The scene of Indian entertainment is changing and Internet is helping artists and talents who earlier didn’t have the resources to make it big, to take steps and showcase their talent to the whole world and in the process, disrupt the age-old framework where the power to rise rests with a few.

I find that marvellous. Don’t you?

PS: I have only mentioned those web series which were produced in India. I will also be writing about other Indian YouTube chartbusters soon!

If I have missed anything, then please do let me know in the comments!



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  • Although, I haven’t watched the last two on the list, I can really vouch for the top 3, especially “The Pitchers”. It brought in a revolution among the creative minds who wish to move out of that Saas-Bahu dramas on Indian Television. Even though, its a risk as I doubt if these series would achieve the same amount of success on Television, I would love to see them telecast on premium entertainment channels.

    Also, you should also watch “Baked” web series.. For me, it also deserves to be on the list.

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