[Infographic] Getting Up to Speed on Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile Forensics Evidence
Source: JRSInvestigations.com

You use your phone to text, take photos, to call people, email, surf the web. Have you ever thought about how your phone could be used against you?

Increasingly, the information on smartphones is being considered evidence in court cases. Digital forensic examiners take data, in the form of those texts, photos, emails, and surfing history, and decide its relevance in pursuing lawsuits.

There are challenges, though, including the type of smart device, its operating system, its storage, and more. What a smart device can store in relation to other larger computers isn’t the same, but there’s still history to be had.

The information on those devices has been used in a variety of cases, but the law is evolving and different from state to state. This guide offers a good introduction to the basics of data recovery and its use in the courtroom.

Mobile Forensics


In the digital age, it can be hard to separate yourself from your technology and truly keep your private life private. Mobile forensics is a potent law enforcement tool with the potential to revolutionize court cases in both the near and distant future.

However, it is vital to remain aware of the vulnerabilities of your mobile devices and know your rights when faced with the law.




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