5 Inspiring Music Tracks to Add to Your Collection

inspiring music tracks
Written by Jessee R

Music is a great motivator. To many, it is a medium to vent out emotion, to gain perspective, to revive something forgotten, and much more. Music is the way humans express the extremities of emotion. To me, music is emotion.

Over the years, I have embraced different kinds of music and listened to more than a million songs and tracks. From vocals to instrumental, from rock to hip-hop and rap, every kind of music has its own story to tell and own emotion to generate.

For instance, one could listen to Apologize by Timbaland when regretting something or one may listen to Chak De by Sukhwinder to gain motivation.

Over the years, I have started considering music as one of the most inspirational of human creations which can also inspire you to act. So here are some inspiring music tracks which will set you in motion.

5 Motivational and Inspiring Music Tracks

Here they are:

#1 Dream On, Aerosmith

This is kind of like my anthem. The lyrics are so wonderful and carry mush meaning. One always has his fair share of mistakes, successes and dreams in his or her life and this song is very much about that. The chorus line: Dream On will push you towards an increased sense of confidence and allow you to take leaps you have never taken before.

This is what I like about 80s rock: the emotion is laced with motivational music, exquisite guitar sequences and meaningful lyrics.

For me, Dream on is one of the most inspiring music tracks of all time. Go ahead, get your dose of dreams now!

#2 Battle Cry, Imagine Dragons

Sometimes, you feel a tad nervous when just about to do something very important like, give an exam or give a lecture to a large audience. It seems like what’s coming is a battle with your own fears.

In times like these, this song by imagine dragons will help you get through. Loaded with a rush, awesome music and brilliant lyrics, this metal song is sure to give your confidence all the firepower it needs. The film sequence of this song is based on Optimus Prime and Transformers, another epic show of honour and courage.

#3 Someday, Flipsyde

I generally listen to very little rap but this evergreen song by Flipsyde is always on my top inspiring music tracks list. With the lyrics aiming at pulling you out of the trenches and the beats giving you and eloquent feel, one can easily get motivated by this song.

The song is about how you should keep holding on to your dreams and never allow your motivation to waver, just keep working hard and someday, it will all pay off!

#4 Rock you like a Hurricane, Scorpions

This is one of my favourite rock ballads. I would love it as my entrance music if I ever became a celebrity but, that is far-fetched, though! The rock song by Scorpions is voted as one of the best rock songs in human history and with good reason.

The lyrics showcase that how one can battle all odds and still achieve something he or she wants to with full zeal and fervour. May it be anything, a mountain to climb or a thesis to write, with this song, you will rock all your chores and dreams like a hurricane indeed!

The rush it gives is excellent, and the feel brilliant. Get a dose of it now, if you don’t get what I mean!

#5 Nishaan, Call

What can I say? I am a fan of soft rock whether it’s English or Hindi, although, finding good Hindi rock can be a bit of a stretch. Pakistani Band Call is one of the best Asian bands, according to me. Their album Jilawatan is loaded with inspiring tracks full of soulful music and rock ballads.

From this album, my favourite pick is Nishaan, a song to remind everyone that your existence as a human is unique and you should leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding meaning, identity and purpose in your life!

Music is a gateway into the soul

I don’t remember which wise guy said this, but he wasn’t wrong. Music has the power to mend hearts and overcome mountains. Therefore, one should always embrace good music in his or her life. Trust me, listening to good music is equivalent to doing good meditations.

So go ahead, Dream on and rock this world like a hurricane!



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