5 Intensely Interesting English Shows You Might be Missing

Interesting English Shows Gotham
Written by Jessee R

I will be very honest. I do not like much of what Indian television has to offer. Over the years, I have seen people consumed in plot-less TV soaps that take the intelligence of TV to a low tipping point. My first tryst with English TV shows started when I joined college and had the independence and power of the Internet to find stuff to watch that really mattered.

Therefore, here I will share some rare but interesting English Shows that will take your imagination to a whole new level.

I must tell you, over the years of me watching over 60-70 English TV shows, I have had quite a lot to learn in terms of knowledge, humour and entertainment. But overall, the guys over there do a much better job at creating intelligent TV which also captures audience’s minds.

From Breaking Bad to The Big Bang Theory, from Friends to the Game of Thrones, I have seen them all and also maintained a status quo to find more interesting shows and documentaries and share them with you folks.

5 Interesting English Shows not to Miss

Here are 5 intensely interesting English Shows to feed your mind.

#1 Da Vinci’s Demons

Interesting English Shows Da Vincis Demons

This one is a wonderful creation of art. Leonardo Da Vinci, as we all know is one the most ingenious minds to have ever walked the planet. His designs and works influence intellectuals to this day. The TV show, albeit fiction revolves around the core aspects of Da Vinci’s character, played flawlessly by Tom Riley.

It has some beautiful effects and there is a lot you can learn from the entire show. The plots revolve around the age-old quarrel between the Christians and the Ottomans, and the creators have developed a staggering plot around the same. I won’t disclose much (spoilers!) but trust me, after you see the pilot, you will be hooked.

#2 Narcos

Interesting English Shows Narcos

There is a lot you can learn from the mistakes of fallen leaders. One such leader (of the underworld) was Pablo Escobar Gaviria. If you don’t know who this guy was then you should see this show right now. Pablo Escobar was a drug lord, a Mafioso who, at a point in time controlled most of the world cocaine trade. I won’t go any further, to avoid spoilers obviously.

The show depicts how a normal business minded guy from Columbia, rose to global dominance and accumulated an extent of power known only to a few. If you like classic crime films then you will love this non-fictional TV offering all the more.

#3 Gotham

Interesting English Shows Gotham

I know what you’re thinking but stop right there! There is no Batman in this show, at least for now. But imagine for a moment that you have a chance to witness how Bruce Wayne transformed and groomed himself into the Bat Vigilante after his parents were brutally murdered in cold blood.

Would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? Well, the show starts just there. It also showcases how Jim Gordon, one of the few non-corrupt police officers in Gotham struggles to keep Gotham in line, making the main protagonist.

The show also features the origin and developments of major Batman villains like Penguin, the Joker, Edward Nygma (The Riddler) and many more. The show is already into its second season and has raked in a huge viewership. If you are a Bat-Fan (as I call it) then you should check it out now!

#4 Heroes Reborn

Interesting English Shows heroes reborn

The very reason why most people relate more to Batman is because he makes superheroism for realistic. A man with no super-powers yet he is incorruptible and invincible. Well, there is another show which brilliantly showcases the scenarios where normal humans are exposed to superpowers.

Heroes Reborn is a re-launch of the previously successful series, Heroes with Tim Kring being the major creator behind both. I loved the previous run of this show and the new one has kept me interested so far. The show revolves around people who have evolved from being humans to super humans and depicts how at the same time they deal with the problems and insecurities and also answer to a greater calling.

It is a wonderful show, with an intensely interesting plot. You should check it out sometime!

#5 Hannibal

Interesting English Shows Hannibal

Don’t worry; I do not like this show because I am a cannibal. Hannibal is one the most complex shows to get a grasp on out there. But trust me, it will allow you to tap the human psyche like no other creative element.

Hannibal tells the tale of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a flawed genius who has seriously logical and eccentric explanations to kill people and eat them. Scared? Don’t be. With a thrilling backdrop and an intense plot which demands increased viewer attention, Hannibal is a show not to be missed by the intellectuals. If you like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad then you will fall in love with this one.

Over to You

I know I have missed some other excellent shows out there. I will let you in on them soon. Till then, you must remember that being creative and pursuing curiosity are two base elements which make us humans intelligent.

Therefore, everything you do and experience should have a touch of the same. When it comes to interesting English shows, then there are loads you can watch and learn much in doing so.

So go ahead, feed your mind and lets us know how these shows fair on your report card!



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