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Why Does Your Organization Need Internal Auditing?

Written by Jessee R

While running an organization, often entrepreneurs wonder whether internal auditing is necessary or not. The answer to the question is ‘Yes.’ Not just the big enterprises, but small organizations need internal auditing as well. Before you move further, you need to know what internal auditing is.

Internal auditing is similar to a consulting action where a team monitors the company’s internal operations. In addition to that, this process helps the organization in reaching its goals while minimizing the risk factor. To help you know further, here we present you with some of the reasons why your organization should have internal auditing.

#1 Risk Evaluation

Without a doubt, every organization has risk factors which directly relates to the revenue of the company. The stakeholders will only invest in your company if they believe that they will have a minimum risk.

The internal auditing process will help you in calculating the risk that comes with your company and will help you and your stakeholders in analyzing the possibility of loss. The risk evaluation process includes the assessment of the strategic plans, financial statements, and the previous audit findings.

#2 Avoid Internal Frauds

Some of the companies face the prospect of losing millions every year due to internal frauds that occur because of lack of internal auditing. The most common internal frauds are misuse of the company cards, cash theft, and unrecorded transactions.

As internal auditing keeps an eye on the transactions done in the name of the company, it will ensure that nothing is being misused and will reduce the probability of internal frauds.

#3 Identify Legal Regulations

Sometimes the company does not comply with some of the governmental regulations, or the government changes some of the rules which the company is not aware of. If the government finds this, then there is no denial in the fact that the company will have to face huge fines and legal issues as well.

Internal auditing will give you an idea of the rules and regulations which your company is following and correct the issues before the government finds out.

#4 Operational Auditing

Financial investment is not sufficient for a company to earn revenue. Improper usage of funds could cause huge losses to the company. You need to make sure that the funds are efficiently utilized so that you can maximize the profit. Operational audits will help you in finding out all the vulnerabilities in your strategies. It will allow you to discover the ineffective areas of your company so that you could see the scope of improvement.

#5 Prepare Your Company for External Audits

External audits are uncertain and could happen anytime which is why it is necessary to be prepared. By performing internal checks, you are monitoring all the possible vulnerabilities of your company.

In addition to that, you will be fixing all the issues which will prepare your company for any external audits. At the time of external inspections, you can effectively showcase your thoughts and future ideas to rectify the existing issues.

#6 Gain Trust of the Stakeholders

One of the biggest reasons for conducting internal auditing is that it will assist you in gaining the trust of your stakeholders. Internal auditing will help you in getting better revenue, follow all the legal regulations, and prevents frauds. By looking at all these improvements in your company, your shareholders will attain faith in investing in your company.


Undoubtedly, internal auditing is necessary for every company to grow. Even though small companies may not feel the need, it is best to follow internal auditing to convert a small organization into a more significant enterprise.



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