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Re-Purposing Across Livestream Apps and Social Media Platform

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This guest post is written by Lisa Illman. She helps online businesses and entrepreneurs create robust sales pipelines in 90 days or less. Her strategy includes sales techniques coupled with social media and livestream strategies. 

Periscope, Facebook Live and Snapchat have lit a new social fire on the traditional social media platform. From the palm of your hand, the tap of a few buttons and the right headline, small businesses can attract live audiences to a social video stream in minutes.

The notion of this is understandably exciting and the potential for positive business results huge. But as with all activity on the Internet, it is important to create a strategy so you are capitalizing on these apps and not spinning your wheels.

Below is a very effective process for easy re-purpose across Periscope, Facebook Live and Snapchat.

Step 1 – Choose Your Preferred Social Media Platform Livestream

Livestream is the social media platform of 2016 and can be a powerful tool to reach your current clients while attracting new ones. The key to knowing which livestream app to use is asking your self the right question.

Which app attracts my target audience?

If your products and services are specific to millennial, you will want to make Snapchat your number one livestream tool. Periscope tends to attract entrepreneurs, small businesses and speakers while Facebook Live is the humongous social media platform, with over 1.5 billion users.

If you are still not sure exactly which livestream app you should make your primary, consider doing a two-week trial on one of them. Most small businesses and solopreneurs already have a Facebook page or profile, so that can be an ideal testing ground.

With so many people on Facebook, you are sure to reach your audience and start to grow from there. If you have a brand that is particularly targeted to young adults, don’t miss out on the power of Snapchat. This splendid app continues to have a magical attraction to the youth so getting comfortable and acute on Snapchat can be a great strategic move for your business.

Step 2 – Become Savvy with Your Primary Livestream App

Understanding the ins and outs of your primary livestream app will evolve quickly as you continue to use it regularly, but a little research on how to use the features as you start can be very helpful.

I personally like YouTube for my crash courses with online platforms. You can do a search with your primary app to find out how to get set-up, branding tips, marketing tricks and much more. Spending a little time each week learning the app can help you leverage all it has to offer, and that of course will improve your efficiency and time spent with social streaming.

Another important action to take when establishing yourself on your primary livestream is to be consistent. Daily broadcasting can help build momentum, but even if you can only go live a few times a week, be sure to stay consistent with that pace.

When I first started on Periscope, I went live 3 times a day in order to build a community and following. After a year at that pace, I now broadcast approximately 3 times a week. I stay consistent with my pace in order to maintain and sustain.

Step 3 – Announce Your Social Streaming Accounts During Your Primary Broadcast


Now that you are set-up and have a plan for your livestream broadcasts, you can announce your other social streaming accounts during your primary livestreaming. I like to tell my viewers on Periscope to follow me on Twitter and let them know that I am on Snapchat.

Sometimes I will have a Facebook Live broadcast scheduled that night, so announcing it on my Periscope stream is a great way to start merging the audiences and herding folks to like my Facebook page. If you really want to drive more traffic to a specific social media platform, you can include the link in your profile of the livestream account or include it in the title of your broadcast.

This way you can tell viewers to simply click on the link in your headline to get connected elsewhere too. Sometimes the URL is incredibly long, so I use bitly.com to shorten it up and make it nice a clean for your title.

Step 4 – Re-Purpose Your Primary Broadcast Content

Congratulations! You are now ready to start doing some incredible and effective re-purposing that will help you tap multiple communities with efficiency. If your primary livestream broadcast is Facebook Live, you can easily copy the link and paste it in a variety of places, such as blog posts, Periscope titles, and tweets on Twitter.

When sharing across multiple platforms, you can connect accounts wherever possible so they automatically post for you. For example, you can attach your Facebook page to your Twitter account so your Facebook posts get tweeted out (including your livestreams). You can also connect your Facebook to your Instagram which is very helpful in streaming efficiency.

For re-purposing content, you can easily use the same content you used for your primary broadcast and make it friendly across all platforms. Since your audience might be different on each platform, you want to consider the demographics so your language and approach resonate with viewers on each app.

If your primary livestream broadcast is Facebook Live, you can take the content you made and break it into ‘snaps’ for Snapchat. A great way to make it easy for you is to use titles that will be transferable such as “5 Ways to Attract an Audience to Your Facebook Live Broadcast”. Take the 5 tips you use in your Facebook Live video and create 5 snaps on Snapchat with the exact content.

You can use fun filters that are appropriate for your viewers on Snapchat and also send your snaps to individuals that will really appreciate the information. Using the same primary content, you can also make Instagram videos for your tips and tricks. Much like Snapchat, you can apply filters that appeal to a unique audience like Sepia or Black and White.

For a fun twist, you can make each tip using a different filter but use the same hashtags and titles.  The exact same approach can be used to make quick tip videos from Twitter.

Step 5 – Promote Your Live Broadcasts

Promoting and pre-promoting are a great way to get more viewers to your video streams. Furthermore, promoting is another way to ‘touch’ your target audience. There has been much research done on the buy process of products and services and the one thing that is consistent; the more times people see your brand and product, the higher the likelihood of them investing in you.

This is why I love pre-promoting and post-promoting my social streaming. It is an easy way to get more time in front of my audience and let them see the valuable content I am offering up to the community. Promoting is an incredibly powerful way to social sell; don’t let this step fall through the cracks!

Livestream is a notable way to gain a substantial audience on the Internet. The key to success is an operative plan that is relevant to you, your business and your target audience. Spinning your wheels on social media can be a dangerous pitfall. Once you have laid out your tactics using the 5 steps above, your efficiency and results should be optimum!



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