Looking to Buy the Coolest New Laptop with 16GB RAM?

New Laptop - Consumer Durable Loans

New laptop? Here’s why you should get it on EMI.

Games, entertainment, movies, presentations and a whole lot more! A laptop does it all. It is the primary tool of trade today and has become indispensable for nearly everyone.

While technological advancement has created an extensive range of laptops equipped with the latest features, it has also resulted in a surge in prices.

Modern technology is digitizing various sectors of society and keeping up with trends and upgrading your laptop can cause a dent in your pocket.

However, today various finance schemes are available, which enable you to fulfill your dreams of owning your favorite laptop.

New Laptop on EMI

You could consider credit cards, EMIs or any other financial options to purchase your laptop. The top 3 reasons for selecting an EMI over any other financial option are –

  • Easy Online Application
  • Minimal documentation
  • Flexible payment options (Rates, Tenure & Amount)

It is preferable to purchase a laptop online these days since you will not only be able to compare various avenues but also find one that meets all your technical and financial requirements. Most sellers and portals have attractive EMI options to choose from.

Compared to credit cards and many other financial services, availing of an EMI is easier. Requiring minimum documented proofs, it is an efficient and hassle-free procedure.

Another major advantage of purchasing laptops on EMI through reputable financial institutions is the network of associates they have.

Generally, most lenders have tie-ups with a large number of e-commerce and retail stores. This would benefit you as you get accustomed with multiple options. Moreover, this also helps you become eligible for discounts offered on these electronic devices.

Consumer Durable Loans

Financial institutions are keeping up with the changing times and offering Consumer Durable Loans designed specially to facilitate your purchase without causing financial strain. Loan amounts vary from lender to lender, and the interest rates may also vary correspondingly.

One of the important factors affecting your EMI is the tenure of the loan. When loans are taken for a longer duration, the EMI amount proportionately decreases. This makes it possible for you to buy a laptop that meets your needs while ensuring convenience.

If you are short on funds, do not let that hamper your requirements. Instead, choose a laptop that would suit your needs and opt for EMIs as a payment option. Check out your favourite laptop and apply for a Consumer Durable Loan today.



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