Vertu Luxury Phones: A Gold Pass For Exclusive Parties

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Luxury phones refer to that class of phones which have not been designed only for the basic use but also as a fashion statement.

These luxury phones have been brought into the world of marketing by none other than Nokia and was later sold on to a private group EQT VI. These phones are exquisite as they are handcrafted and are made to order.

They have a series of craftsmanship who have worked themselves on the style and service of the mobile phone. These luxury phones have unique and identifiable features which set them a class apart.

With raw materials like titanium and aluminium for the body and sapphire for sculpting the keys, they are one of the most exclusive phones for the luxury class.

They have limited editions for their phones in association with Bentley, Ferrari, Lapo Elkann and Ermenagildo Zegna. The series of these phones start from Signature and go on to Constellations and the latest models being smartphones using Android as their OS. The finest and the newest range of this luxury phone is Signature Touch (2015).

If you are monetarily blessed, these phones are a must haves in your collection!

5 Exquisite Luxury Phones for Your Collection

Here they are:

# 1 Signature

With a unique blend of finest materials, it is the first ever kind of luxury phones which have been handcrafted by a single craftsman and assembled with precision and expertise to meet the high end demands of the consumers. Polished with perfection it takes weeks for one signature to be put together.

# 2 Constellation

These phones are crafted with calf leather and titanium body. It also comprises of sapphire crystals and a finesse scratch resistant surface. The keys are crafted out of ruby. One of its kind luxury phone with exotic features to pop eyes out!

# 3 Aster

These phones comprise of exquisite leathers and exotic skins picked out carefully and rigorously tested in chemicals to make it tough and sturdy.

# 4 Signature Touch (2015)

The latest and the newest to the collection of Vertu’s luxury phones is Signature Touch, 2015. Expected for an October release, it has been crafted using a single 130 carat sapphire crystal, 21 MP camera, 5.2” display screen and a 4 GB RAM. This phone is the finest of all the Vertu’s collection. This is the utmost destination of every luxury phone seeker.

# 5 Your Unique Vertu

After all these collections, there is a special collection called Your Unique Vertu, which is a section where the consumers can personalize their Vertu phones according to their specifications which happen to be the USP of the brand too.

The new collection of Signature Touch, (2015) has a one of its kind interface and is a gold pass for being to an exclusive party. It not only has an eye-popping body but also features that any high ended brand comprises of. iPhone 6+ or Oneplus 2, this luxury phone is definitely way ahead than the rest. This phone is for ‘The Elite Class’.

Over to You

Itching to get your hands on these luxury phones? We can totally understand buddy!



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