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3 Apps to Manage Contacts in Android Device

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The common way to manage contacts in android device is to synchronise it with Gmail or Facebook account. While the idea works, often you find unnecessary email ids and other contact details clogging your phone contact list. Since the Android phonebook is synched, you can’t control the syncing procedure.

3 Android Apps to Manage Contacts in Android

Here they are:

#1 Truedialer- Dialer and Phone

Basically, it is a dialer app but you can use it manage all contacts – edit and remove them. The function of Truedialer is to also inform you about fake callers. Information of all callers are gathers and presented to you. You can:

  • Report the fake callers and make the numbers public for others to see
  • Block all unwanted calls
  • Identify and merge duplicate contacts to get unified caller identity

Truedialer - Android App

#2 Contact+

The Contact+ app is available for Android 2.3 and higher version. A highly popular app, it is simple to install and understand. With this app, you can:

  • See the list of duplicate contacts right after finishing installation
  • Delete or merge duplicate contacts
  • Sync and manage contacts on Android wearable devices
  • Setup priorities and filter contacts
  • Filter contacts based on the source of origin
  • Block SMS and calls

Contact Plus - Manage Contacts in Android

#3 Contacts Optimizer

This app has a clean UI and is very useful in deleting duplicate contacts specifically. It presents you with a list of duplicate contacts from all sources like phone memory, SIM card and synced accounts. With this app, you can manage contacts in Android by:

  • Erasing duplicate contacts
  • Deleting bulk contacts
  • Delete invalid numbers
  • Move contact from one source to another without duplication

Contacts Optimizer - Manage Contacts in Android


Make use of these apps to manage contacts in Android device. You can share reviews about them here.



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