Microsoft’s Surface Book Pro May Give Apple a Run For Money

Surface Book Pro

If you are tech savvy person then the all new Surface Book Pro launched by Microsoft is great news for you. Recently Microsoft launched its first ever laptop and going by is looks, it seems quite promising. It’s a laptop, but also a tablet. It is detachable and can be used as a phablet too.

It’s a 13.5-inch laptop with a killer display and a cool hinge. It has another super cool feature as you can even reverse the display, if you want, to make it more like a Lenovo Yoga laptop.

It folds into place to let you adjust the display viewing angle. Apart from the Nvidia graphics chip, everything is contained within the screen which make it detachable.

It makes life easier for the user with its performance thanks to Intel Core I processors. It is like a universal fact that windows laptop have a very crappy trackpad, but Microsoft is breaking free from the pack. There’s a glass trackpad, and it feels as good as a MacBook one.


The Laptop Looks Killer in this Video by Surface Official

Surface book has all the capabilities of being a giant killer, but we need to wait and watch as things will only get clearer in coming days.

The launch of surface book, which some believe, will have a ripple effect in the field of hardware and innovation as some of the secondary companies won’t survive the competition. But we, being the user will only be benefited, so either way, there’s a win-win.



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