MilesWeb Docker WordPress Hosting Review

MilesWeb Docker WordPress Hosting

If you are working with WordPress, then having the right hosting is one of the most important factors for your site to function smoothly. There are certain services that your hosting service must provide like:

  • Safety and Data Security
  • Ample Server space and uptime
  • Quick and essential support
  • Latest Updates
  • User Friendly Management
  • Cost Effectiveness

You should correlate your requirements and budget so that you get services that best suit your operations.

MilesWeb offers a unique WordPress hosting service: Docker-based hosting.

MilesWeb Docker WordPress Hosting

This is something I found recently. MilesWeb is already a reputed local hosting provider. So I was tempted to try this Docker based WordPress hosting that promised a fully loaded service completely isolated from other users on the same server!

MilesWeb Docker WordPress Hosting

Some of the key takeaways that I found were:

  • Lighting fast SSD hardware, tuned for optimum performance
  • Latest WP Interface with plugins and themes
  • Daily automated backups
  • Dedicated IP
  • Isolated Server Resources
  • 24*7 WordPress support
  • 95% uptime guarantee

 Well, it was time to test these offerings.

 A Review of MilesWeb Docker WordPress Hosting Service

MW Packages

There are basically 3 Types of Docker WordPress hosting plans. They are all priced for different scales of business and you can choose the right option based on your requirements.

If you are just starting out then the Classic plan is best with optimum resources to start garnering traffic. For businesses looking to expand and scale up the enterprise and infinite plans are better suited.

With all plans you get some trademark offerings.

The version of WordPress comes pre-installed with the latest updates and security features to protect the website from any kind of risks. This way, you don’t need added efforts to secure your site and focus on business.

They offer completely managed hosting. This way, your time can be spent more efficiently of content creation and business dynamics rather than worrying about maintenance, security and uptime!

I found the most basic and some advanced plugins pre-installed. This was highly beneficial as you save a lot of time and boost up functionality. You can remove these plugins if you don’t need them.

If you are a WordPress beginner, then the first thing you will need is a theme. MilesWeb takes care of that by providing thousands of mesmerizing and attractive themes, which can be installed with just a click!

Daily automated backups for added protection.

Web crashes or surprise attacks can cause shutdown and security breaches than can leave critical data astray. But with daily-automated backups, data loss is one problem you don’t need to worry about.

Added security features perform pro-active scans for possible malware all the time and are updated regularly. This allows all known threats to be blocked.

Account isolation also adds to the security. With this feature you get a unique cover despite being on the same server as other hosted sites.

When I researched the hardware that they used, it came out to be the latest RAID servers. With that kind of power, I expected the best performance and zero downtime. I wasn’t mistaken!


Other added features of MilesWeb WordPress Hosting

They are:

  • Expert Support

This is especially good for newbies and bloggers with little technical backgrounds. You can reach them via 24*7 chat, email support and a helpline number. The support professional are trained and knowledgeable and help you all the way!

  • Extra Speed Boost

The guys at MilesWeb provide server configurations that boost your load times. The report above can confirm the fact. The speed is boosted further with application of W3 Total Cache. This way you don’t need any extra caching plugins to speed up your website.

  • Free Website Migration

If you want to migrate your website to a better service provider and choose MilesWeb then you need not worry about any added migration costs.

They offer website migration free of cost. They will move it once from your current provider to their framework.

  • 30-Day Anytime money back guarantee

Now this is something that makes MilesWeb WordPress Hosting extremely attractive. You have a long enough trial period. If at any time you feel that their services are not adequate or you are dissatisfied, you can have all your money back!

Here’s is a comparison of various packages and the various features you get:

Hosting Plans

You can see that the services offered are diverse. The packages are ideal for bloggers who are looking to establish themselves, eCommerce websites who need a lot of data management, multi-niche and multiple-niche websites.

The price range is also quite affordable.

Exceptional Customer Support

I will be honest with you. It was not all smooth. After a few days of starting with the hosting I ran into a problem. I installed an update that hampered the functionality of one of my essential plugins.

My site started running into problems. As I have no tech background, I was completely unaware about what to do in such an event. I called up the guys at MilesWeb and they were prompt enough to connect me with a WordPress expert.

He carefully understood the problem and then directed me with ease to the solution. I just had to uninstall the update and refresh the back-end. He carefully explained how.

That is something that stuck with me. No hosting provider can offer 100% services but a good relationship can be achieved with impeccable support in case of problems like mine.

When I researched what other customers had to say, I wasn’t surprised to find this.



MilesWeb delivers what it promises. I did not face issues with uptime and the load on my website kept increasing but the performance didn’t swindle.

I have to say it is a better choice for those looking to work exclusively with WordPress as it is completely managed and comes in with inbuilt themes, plugins and features. This way, you save a lot of time and can directly jump into creating content.

If you are looking for an affordable, all managed WordPress hosting with ample offerings, you might as well try MilesWeb. The 30-Day money back guarantee will make the decision easy!




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  • I will proudly recommend MilesWeb to everyone! The technical support that I have received through live chat is amazing. All my questions were answered very clearly and with great patience.

  • I have many examples with MilesWeb which I can share with you. The standard of hosting and features, but your support is amazing. I have just logged a ticket and within 5 minutes the case was resolved. I just wanted to say thanks to MilesWeb team and continue the excellent work.

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