‘Nayantara’s Necklace’ by Jaydeep Sarkar is a treat for Cinema lovers

Nayantara’s Necklace

With relatable characters, effective shots and a story in parts, Jaydeep Sarkar’s Nayantara’s Necklace shows the mundanities of life.

The 20 minutes 39 seconds short film, starring Konkana Sen Sharma and Tillotama Shome, revolves around the friendship of two women and their individual yearnings to achieve a “good” life. The dilemma the characters go through, the pretentiousness that Nayantara (Konkana) shows and aspirations that Alka (Tillotama) has, forms the basis of the film through which Jaydeep wanted to focus on the real women.

Jaydeep got the basic idea for his short film from a 2012 news report about a man, who killed his family and then committed suicide, as they were in debt. Nayantara’s Necklace is drawn out of my observation of middle-class life and experience that we are all going through.

The director says that the film is the collection of is his observation about the middle-class and their ambitions.

“Post the early 1990s’ the world around us has completely changed. The whole need for instant gratification and the desire to get something we don’t have at the moment is a trap,” Jaydeep told PTI.

“It never ends. I am also a victim of it in some way and primarily that observation is something that has been in the back of the story. Apart from this, a news report I read in 2012 was basically the germ of it,” he said.

“The two women characters in the film, they are the ones whose stories are not told, whether it is television or films. There is certain kind of mold in which female characters are fitted. In television they are homemakers, who are very happy with kitchen politics,” he said.

Hindi films are mostly seen as an escape. Whether it is the audiences or the filmmakers, they don’t want to see their daily troubles on-screen. Cinema has become time pass.



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