New Species: Banana With Orange Pulp Found In Andaman Islands

New Species

Andaman and Nicobar islands are one of the most diverse tropical rainforests in the world. This has been proved time and again with few astonishing discoveries of  rare species of plant and animal.

Validating the above statement, scientists at Botanical Survey of India (BSI) have discovered a new species of banana from a remote tropical rainforest of Andaman island.

This new species, MUSA INDANDAMANENSIS, was located about 16 km inside the Krishna Nalah forest in the island.

The scientists who have discovered this banana describe it as a distinct global species with unique green flower and the fruit bunch of this plant is thrice in the size of a regular banana plant we normally witness.

“The new species is about 11 meters high, whereas the usual banana is about three to four meter high,” said Mr. Lal Ji Singh, head of office, Botanical Survey of India, Andaman and Nicobar regional center, in an interview to THE HINDU.

Recently, an international journal on taxonomy and life sciences, Taiwan, has published the details of this new species.

Mr. Singh added that this banana is edible and very sweet. In fact, the local population or the tribal people of this area eat this banana. The pulp of this banana is different and orange in color than what we usually see in local banana species. He went on to add that since the number of these plants are very limited so it needs conservation.

Mr. Singh further elaborated that the genes of this plant can be used to increase the banana production in our country. Unlike other species, the seed can be used for germinating new plants.

Worldwide, there are approximately 52 species of banana and 15 alone of such species are grown in our country.



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