Nuzzel: Jonathan Abrams New Startup


It’s ironic that in the age of information, it has become a herculean task to get our hands on something worth reading and sharing.

We all seem to be suffering from ‘information overload’. There are so many news and feeds on the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook that it has become impossible to keep track of something relevant to ourselves and worth devoting our time to.

The trouble is, finding news of relevance is  really tough. But it seems that our problem has been taken care of by an app called Nuzzel, a personalized news curation app.

Nuzzel is a startup founded by none other than veteran entrepreneur Jonathan Abrams, an earlier founder of companies like Hotlinks, Friendster, and Socializr. This app has been in the new for quite some time as it has attracted attention as well funding from various sources.

All it does is show articles shared by your friends, sorted by popularity. The interface is utilitarian at best. As it turns out, it’s a powerful way to put worthwhile reading material right in front of you, where you can’t miss it. The experience feels both personalized and serendipitous, and distinctly different from different news apps.

Now it has become super easy to keep track of the news and feeds based on the activities in your social circles and it is simple, quick and clean.

Recently Nuzzel received investment from likes of the McClatchy Group, Associated Press, and Google News Lab, along with Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, The Guardian, CNBC International and more. It seems to have struck a chord with its current users as people find it easy to use without any noise.

All it is doing is making life easy for its user and going by the reaction of its user, Nuzzel is the next big thing to look out for.



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Ranjeet Kumar Upadhyay is a Computer Engineer by profession. He recently finished his B.TECH from Uttaranchal Institute Of Technology, Dehradun. He has been working in AON for last two years. He has a great taste for technology and loves to read and write.

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