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OnlyPult Review: Schedule Instagram Posts with Ease

OnlyPult Review - Dashboard

An in-depth OnlyPult review, a social media tool to schedule Instagram posts easily. A 7-day free trial account followed by paid plans between $12 and $65 per month simplifies the use of Instagram for our promotional needs.

A post on Forrester blog says:

Instagram is the king of social engagement and delivers 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.

A strong statement, indeed.

In 2013, Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion. Right now, you can advertise on Instagram from the Facebook advertisement dashboard.

What about those who aren’t into paid Facebook Instagram advertising but still needs an efficient way to handle their Instagram account?

OnlyPult Review: A Brief

OnlyPult is a perfect social media marketing tool to schedule Instagram posts, analyse responses and keep track of content performance. The OnlyPult tool is a brand of Ladno, LLC in the Russian Federation.

Once an account is created, you need to sync the Instagram account with the OnlyPult tool. Once done, you can upload images on the OnlyPult dashboard from your system, to either post instantly or schedule for later.

This is how the OnlyPult dashboard looks like:

OnlyPult Review - Dashboard

Schedule Instagram Posts with OnlyPult Tool

Why You Need to Schedule Instagram Posts?

It’s simple. Being active on Instagram all the time isn’t practically feasible. Being the hottest media for storytelling with images, it’s also a cool PR tool. Instagram allows you to tell story in real-time (IRT) and therefore, for maximum utilisation of this channel, you need a method to schedule Instagram posts and monitor its performance – OnlyPult enables this.

OnlyPult Review: Its Features

Here they are:

#1 You don’t need to access OnlyPult from tablet or smartphone. Schedule Instagram posts – photos and videos – directly from the computer.


#2 The simple UI enables syncing and management of up to 40 Instagram accounts, thereby eliminating the need to login and logout of multiple Instagram accounts throughout the day.


#3 With the OnlyPult agency plan, you can grant access to social media marketing managers to monitor a campaign, without sharing the login and password ever.

Schedule Instagram Posts

#4 The Analytics dashboard displays the growth of account subscribers, shares the optimal time to schedule Instagram posts, the most popular hashtags and overall content performance.


#5 There is a Repost button, enabling the user to share content from favorite channels to your own account/s.


#6 Security is always a prime consideration. OnlyPult does not store our login and password. The data is all encrypted.

Irrespective of whatever OnlyPult plan is chosen, every paid user gets access to:

  • Analytics
  • Photo editors
  • Geotags
  • Hashtags
  • Proxy connection
  • Calendar
  • Automated post deletion
  • Statistics

Here is the paid plan OnlyPult offers to schedule Instagram posts.

Schedule Instagram Posts - Paid Plans

How does OnlyPult Work?

It’s simple to use and understand. Follow these steps after creating and syncing your account to schedule Instagram posts.

  • Login to OnlyPult
  • Choose the Instagram account.
  • Upload image or video from the computer.
  • Add text and up to 30 hashtags.
  • Make it LIVE or schedule it.

While the Instagram app only support square images, the OnlyPult social media tool supports images of different shapes and sizes. There are built-in filters and the tool offers a calendar view of upcoming and past posts (with interaction).

If you want to schedule Instagram posts, checkout OnlyPult social media marketing tool.



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