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How to Integrate Outdoor Advertising with Your Online Advertising?

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Written by Preeti Nath

If you are unsure of how to go about integrating online and outdoor advertising or the benefits that it can be obtained for your brand? Here is a comprehensive guide related to the drawbacks and benefits on each, as well as how to use your outdoor advertisements with online ads so you can achieve the most from an advertising campaign.

About Outdoor Advertising

Very basically, outdoor advertising is explained as any advertising type conducted out of a home or business, with example that includes but are not only restricted to on trains, bus stops, on vehicles or billboards.

If you imagine that offline advertising is a type of large ecosystem, then outdoor adverts are in most cases the core for these systems and are often utilised to amplify any of the display printing or online campaigns that your company runs, through the process of driving traffic to a website, social media engagements and downloads.

The majority of consumers spend most of their hours in a day away from their homes, which means that outdoor advertising should be seen as one of the obvious locations to begin putting your brand in front of the public, while also being a great platform to combine with the other techniques involved in advertising.

Benefits Associated With Combining Outdoor Advertising Online

Bus shelter, taxi and billboard advertising have a very strong record in regards to working well alongside a variety of other platforms. A common type of this type of integration is combining online marketing with outdoor advertising to result in lasting impressions that remind the consumers about the message that was portrayed.

How To Integrate Outdoor Advertising Online? 

Today we live in a world where there are just as many of mobile-device as there are people, and the act of pairing outdoor adverts with online campaigns is regarded as an extremely effective method to further your reach of this message. Research has discovered that consumers who see the out-of-home campaigns are around 17% more prone to engaging with a brand with their Smartphone’s.

So while outdoor advertising may be seen as a fantastic method to increase brand awareness, it can also offer opportunities to attract new customers in regards to engaging with a brand on levels that are more personal. When you run online campaigns with your outdoor advertising, you can benefit from these specific patterns present in the modernised consumer behaviours.

A Short Term Impact Combined With Long-Term Presence

One of the more noticeable advantages in association to outdoor advertising is to do with its high impact. Outdoor campaigns cannot be shut down or “turned off” and blends into a portion of consumer’s environments. These ads have a consistent presence that results in sustained awareness.

These outdoor adverts can be used to target a specific location to reach a niche audience, or they can be displayed nationwide to communicate to mass audiences, The ads that appear on billboards, trains and buses have the ability to reach a massive audience with a large range in regards to demographics.

However, these types of high-impact outdoor ads can be limited according to your budget. These advertising spaces are typically rented out for two weeks at a time, and while this can translate into an effective and low-cost method to promote your brand awareness, once you decide to stop the rented space, your ad will be taken down.

Pairing outdoor ads with your online campaigns can increase the lifespan of your brand presence. Unlike posters and billboards, content online of quality will not disappear once you have stopped investing funds into it. If the content on your site is relevant, well-written and optimised for the different search engines, there are no time limits in place in regards to how long consumers can view it.

Use Your Online Campaigns To Expand Outdoor Ads

A key point associated with outdoor ads involves keeping them brief as well as to-the-point. Remember that colourful and attractive images are far more effective than excessive amounts or text and most of the times these ads will be viewed in motion. This means that consumers usually won’t have sufficient time to process or read detailed information.

This is when combining online and outdoor campaigns work well. Your online campaign can expand on context and then inform consumers on the message that you are attempting to communicate.

Using Social Media With Outdoor Advertising

Great outdoor advertisements such as this Netflix ad can introduce the possibilities of a successful outdoor campaign which is shared on the social media sites. The right campaigns leave consumers thinking thoughts such as “wow that is really clever” and they are more likely to be posted and then shared on the different social media channels which result in a further reach and awareness.

Another great method is to use hashtags in your ads which are a good method to open conversation lines on the social media sites. The hashtag should be unique and memorable and encourage consumers in the act of engaging with your company on the social media sites.

New Digital And Outdoor Advertising

Integrated campaigns are also able to stretch further that website hits and shares on social media. Technology such as NFC (Near Field Communication), Bluetooth or Codes, iBeacons, QR (Quick Response) is what enables your ads to jump from a billboard or poster directly onto the smartphone devices of consumers.

Many advertisers have started to use this type of technology to engage with their consumers. They are also useful for offering discounts, exclusive vouchers or offer in-store updates as well as enable any passers-by to interact actively with a poster or billboard.

An example of this would be the award-winning NHS “The Power of Blood” campaign which used augmented reality to allow the consumers to connect with digital billboards. This particular billboard was a patient that was ill featuring a blood bag that was empty. The NHS volunteers gave the passers-by iPhones that were used to augment a reality app to connect with this billboard. It allowed the users to give blood “virtually” and to fill-up, the blood bag featured on this billboard. As the users “gave blood” the patient started to look more and healthier.

The use of digital technology to compliment outdoor advertisements is a powerful method to engage with the passers-by whether you aim to drive sales, raise awareness or communicate messages.

Tracking Success Of Campaigns Digitally

Another advantage of integrating outdoor and online campaigns is the abilities to track your success in regards to the outdoor campaign. You can capture the information about posters and billboards that are successful in the way of developing strategies to track ads digitally.

An example of this would be creating a landing page that displays the poster. Some visitors online which arrive on the landing page after they have seen the outdoor ad will offer you with information on the success of the advert.

Alternatively, the outdoor ad can include promotional codes which offer exclusive discounts to the consumers that respond to this ad. When the user enters the code at the online point-of-purchase, you can also view some sales which resulted from the engagement with your outdoor ad.

Online And Outdoor Is A No Brainer

If you are in the process of planning advertising strategies, it is important to realise the real benefits of integrating outdoor adverts with online campaigns. When this integration is successful, it can combine 2 of the more effective types of advertising in a method that compliments each other perfectly.

With the spaces for outdoor advertising so readily available which you can purchase directly online, it has become an even easier task to integrate these two important advertising mediums. You can take advantage of our booking system to book your very own outdoor advertising space.



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