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4 Ways to Reduce Mobile Data Usage in iPhone

Reduce Mobile Data Usage in iPhone
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In another post, we learned about how to reduce mobile data usage on Android devices. Today, it’s iPhone.

An iPhone is a high-tech device which has many settings to choose upon to limit data usage. This article will teach you how to reduce mobile data usage on iPhone device.

These days, unlimited data plans facilitate wastage of data on 3G and 4G if not used in a logical manner. In an iPhone, the ‘Mobile Data Usage’ shows the ‘current period roaming’ and ‘current period’.

How to Reduce Mobile Data Usage on iPhone?

Four steps are given below to reduce mobile data usage on iPhone. They are very easy to follow and remember.

#1 Change the Settings

Apple iPhone uses a lot of unwanted apps. A person can restrict the usage of apps with the help of the ‘settings’ options in ‘Mobile’.

Change Device Settings

A person can click on ‘default’ to enable or disable it. When there is Wi-Fi access, then the access should be activated to limit data usage.

In urgency, a person can use the Wi-Fi access in place of mobile data if he/she needs internet connectivity.

#2 Change the App Settings

There are apps that have settings in itself which limits the function only through Wi-Fi.

Change App Settings

For instance, Dropbox is a feature which uploads videos and images to the Google account. In order to disable the uploading of heavy and large files, the settings option in Dropbox has the feature to disable mobile data.

So, if there is no Wi-Fi connectivity, the app will not upload any file. Similar settings are available in other apps in the iOS phones. Reducing data usage by apps is one of the best ways to reduce mobile data usage on iPhone.

#3 Disable Background Data

Disable Background Data

The background data of an iOS can be checked with the help of ‘Background App Refresh’. The latest information of the apps which consumes a large amount of data is shown in this location of an iPhone.

Other information like weather forecast, news and other apps show the data usage in this location. There are some unnecessary apps which consume a lot of data. So, the best option is to keep a check and set a limit on the data region of the background data.

One has to go to ‘settings’, ‘general’ and ‘background app refresh’. Disable those features wherever required.

The updating of apps in background can also be controlled with the help of this setting.

#4 Turn off Mobile Data

Whenever a person does not require mobile data or gets easy access to Wi-Fi, then he can just click on to ‘turn off’ mobile data. It is a simple step that saves data usage when offline.

From ‘settings’, one can disable the mobile data whenever required.


Keeping a check on the data plan is important from the personal aspect of an iPhone user.  A person just has to check the data usage from time to time to know present status.

Otherwise, the four alternative ways given above are great ways to reduce mobile data usage on iPhone.



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