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8 Ways to Reduce Mobile Data Usage on Windows

Reduce Mobile Data Usage on Windows
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In the past, we covered how you can reduce mobile data usage on Android and iOS devices. In this article, we will cover the Windows OS.

Like the other two OS, Windows too uses an excessive amount of mobile data. Very less people use unlimited mobile plan in the recent days. As such, people are searching for techniques to reduce mobile data usage on Windows OS phone.

8 Ways to Reduce Mobile Data Usage on Windows

Some steps are listed below which might be helpful for Windows smart phone users.

#1 Data Sense

Data sense

This option in the menu helps a person to track changes in the data of a Windows phone. It shows which apps uses large amount of data. Therefore, one can minimise the mobile data consumption to a certain extent.

#2 Protect Data While Browsing the Web

The data sense option is able to save data also while browsing. This reduces the size of the web page. It also blocks unwanted spam advertisements or links. Go to the ‘app list’ and click ‘data sense’. Click on ‘settings’, then ‘browser data savings’.

Automatic, high and standard are the three options. If we press the ‘automatic’, then the phone is able to select the best settings.

#3 Wi-Fi Access

Wifi access

One of the best and effective ways to reduce mobile data usage on Windows is to use Wi-Fi. Turning on the Wi-Fi, and downloading apps and files through Wi-Fi saves mobile data usage. The Wi-Fi sense directly connects one to the nearest Wi-Fi networks.

#4 Turning off Background Tasks or Data

Background Data is the one which is used in the background without the knowledge of the user. Go to ‘app list’, click on ‘settings’, ‘battery saver’ and turn off the ‘Allow’ app. This disables the background data.

#5 Battery Saver

The battery saver is able to conserve the battery life and does not let the phone shut down without a notification. There are some features that involve mobile connectivity. These turn off when battery saver is activated.

#6 Sync Email Settings

The sync settings in ‘More’ and the ‘download’ is able to download new emails from email accounts. A person can automatically switch it off by clicking on the ‘manual’ option.

#7 Turning off Mobile Data Connection When Wi-Fi Is On

This is the safest option to reduce mobile data usage. Go to ‘settings’ to turn off the cellular data when not in use and offline.

#8 Reduce Mobile Data Usage When Wi-Fi Is Not Connected

Reduce mobile data usage

The convenient feature of downloading heavy files is to do it with the help of the WIFI. But if the task is time consuming due to limited connectivity, using cellular data can be functioned at that time.


Different Windows mobile operator or manufacturer has different settings so it may differ in different phones. Adjusting the mobile data can limit the data plan of an individual.

Use these ways to reduce mobile data usage on Windows and save money.



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