5 Amazing Ways To Reduce PDF Size Available Online

Portable Document Format (PDF) are one of those document formats that have always been a boon to our otherwise monotonous lives. This type of document formats is easily portable over varied technologies.

From your desktops and laptops to your smartphones and tablets, you can access this document anywhere and everywhere in its original form. The only disadvantage that this can pose is that it may tend to occupy a lot of space in your storage section.

Owing to retaining the essence of the document thus made, PDF generally takes up a lot of space, thereby making it a large document. Sometimes even more than the ideal 25MB, that is the maximum limit shareable over the net without a drive.

What more can be of use more than applications and websites on which, it is easier to reduce PDF size of a PDF for free.

5 Software to Reduce PDF Size

Here’s a list of Software applications for smartphones and websites which you can access when in a need to reduce PDF file size.

#1 PDF Compressor for iOS

PDF compressor makes it possible for anyone to reduce your PDF documents size, especially useful for those PDF files with many scan graphics and photos. Just install the Application for iOS now and reduce all your PDF sizes for a cost of just ₹300 and be free of stress.

#2 Compress-pdf.co.uk

One of the easily available websites to reduce PDF size for free is Compress-pdf. This website allows you to reduce the PDF size by just uploading the document and one click! Here’s where you can find compress PDF software.




#3 PDFaid

PDFaid is a website which offers more features and varied settings for file compression. It can reduce a PDF file size online up to 20 MB through multiple ways. It involves resizing and resampling of the images in a PDF document.

The things that can be adjusted in the document are the color image quality, grey image quality, monochrome image quality, and select or deselect options such as flatten, compress streams, and unembedded fonts. This web application is available for free and compatible with all operating systems. You can find it here,



#4 Smallpdf.com

Another website that might help as good PDF size reducer for free is smallpdf.com. It has all the properties and capabilities that are required to compress and reduce the size of the PDFs easily, online.



#5 Advanced PDF compressor

Advanced PDF Compressor can do a bit more than just compressing PDF files for free, the date size ranging variedly. Apart from being able to compress PDF files, it can also convert images to PDF and it can combine PDF files into one. All these features can be easily accessed from its user-friendly interface thus making it more importantly a Must Have Download.

I hope you find these software to reduce PDF size.



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