5 Secret Societies in Existence for Centuries

Secret Societies
Written by Jessee R

I am sure you must have heard a mention of the Free Masons or the Illuminati somewhere on the Internet or from any of your nerdy friends.  The truth is that secret societies do exist and some even have an extent of control over global finances, defense and other operations which is matched to none!

Most secret societies are however an element of fiction and controversy although these 5 secret societies might exert an influence even today!

What are they?

#1 The Freemasons

They are one of the oldest.

Their secret handshakes, bizarre rituals and strong hierarchy make them a common folklore to be true. Founded originally in London in 1717 by the union of several small societies, the members move up through the ranks by gaining experience and respect.

 Most modern secret societies often look to them for reference.

#2 Illuminati

Everybody has heard the name Illuminati somewhere. There is speculation that they originally branched off from the Freemasons, but that is highly unlikely.

Many believers in the modern day world link the Illuminati to all the ghastly practices like terrorism, crony capitalism and ideas for a one-world government.

Although, there is no full proof evidence to their existence, believers still have new theories every day.

#3 The Skull and Bones

This society is relatively more known to the common folk. It was founded by William H Russell in 1832 and has seen both the Bush presidents as its esteemed members. It was originally called the Eulogian Club.

The society consists of members who have become leaders in politics, industry, covert operations and what not around the world. There are also rumours that the founding members of the CIA came from this society, but the claims are highly disregarded.

#4 The Knights Templar

This society and their legend came into limelight after the controversial novels by Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons). The truth is quite different.

Early in the twelfth century, nine knights pledged to protect pilgrims traveling through the holy land. More knights joined the cause soon and gradually the organization grew to become influential, prosperous and powerful.

In popular culture, they guard many Christian artefacts and relics but in reality, this order was disbanded and the members tortured and executed. The rumours about them possessing the Ark of the Covenant and being responsible for the descendants of Christ are highly disregarded.

#5 Bildberg

This is a top notch secret meeting which is held every year since 1954. The world’s most powerful and most influential are a part of this conference which is covertly held at secret locations and the agenda and discussion are kept highly confidential.

Their existence and membership are not in question, but the content they discuss is a heavily guarded secret. Rumours about their discussions include flow of global wealth, peace maintenance, the balance of power and other influential matters that shape the course of human civilisation.

Unlike the Moon Landings of 1969, the popular culture of secret societies has a greater number of disbelievers. I certainly believe that many are operational and even influential on a global scale. What do you think?



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