Guys, Don’t get a Headache #WhenAWomanShops

When a Woman Shops

It’s a terrible stereotype; a gender disjunction.

One can really relate to this video by Amazon I just ‘experienced’.

Men think we shop to splurge; men think we buy things we don’t need; men think….they don’t really ‘think’ as in logically but tend to assume, and it’s not their fault actually. They are handed down these perceptions since childhood.

I am about to get hitched and funnily, I couldn’t help but giggle at one of the issues me and the would-be discuss, which is why I shouldn’t be given an add-on credit card. Even if I am given, the add-on card should have a limit like 30,000 rupees.

No, he is not a male chauvinist. No, he isn’t trying to control my life. No, he isn’t trying to diminish my independent spirit.

What he is showing actually is how he has been perceiving things. I tell him that when you give me the credit card, most of the spending will be on things I will buy for him and not myself. He is not a shopper and obviously, someone has to step in and cover this aspect of his life! He gets adamant like “you don’t need to shop for me” and I am like “who else will do?”

Okay, sometimes we do buy things we don’t need or we think we need but actually we may not need it now but later. Recently, I have been shopping clothes which I will be wearing post-wedding which is a couple of months down the line. It doesn’t mean the spending is a ‘waste’. It’s a logical decision to be prepared in advance rather than spending lakhs before the D-day.

And hey, come on, yes we want various shades of lipstick and nail paint, lots of accessories, lots of shoes and endless clothes. Rather than noticing what we buy and analysing whether we need them or not, guys should really grow up and understand we buy these things to make ourselves look prettier for you! Also, women these days have a career. Do guys really expect us to go to office or handle business NOT looking our best?

It’s a never ending war; sorry, not a ‘war’ but more of a relationship skirmish that I am sure every couple on this earth experiences.

I am yet to meet a man who indulgently shops and is happy about his wife or girlfriend shopping. It’s a rarity I guess.

It’s the “Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus” SYNDROME. Everyone falls for it and there is no cure!




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