Solar Energy: Future of India’s Energy Demand

Solar enery is the future of india's energy demand

According to the German green economist Ralf Fücks, it is in India’s interest to invest in clean energy like solar and the wind instead of investing in nuclear energy as it is not sustainable in long term. He further added that if at all nuclear energy is to be used then it has to be supported by the government subsidies or else it won’t sustain itself.

Nuclear energy is generally considered as green, but Ralf warned that it will be our folly to even think in that direction. Nuclear energy is not only costly but is inherently high risk too.

It is believed that if something goes wrong then it will be catastrophic like Fukushima incident. India needs to take a more responsible and sustainable path and that is clean energy. Dr Fücks says that most importantly, the issue with the Nuclear energy is that of cost as it getting expensive day by day and needs support from government, if it left to market to decide then nuclear energy will be out of business.

He added that to make the concept of smart cities a success, the Modi government has to invest in green and clean energy. These smart cities have to be self-sufficient in the matter of energy and also include high-tech urban farming, powered by solar and wind energy, so as to increase employment in the cities, reduce fertilizer and pesticides usage and put a check on water consumption.

There has been a drastic decrease in the cost of solar modules by 80 percent, it is becoming cheaper every month and the energy is virtually unlimited. For developing countries like India, renewable energy provides great opportunities for all those not connected to the central grid.

We owe to our future generation a clean and green planet Earth.



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