Sommera Cusocoana Classified as Endangered

Sommera Cusocoana
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Discovered in 2013, the Sommera Cusocoana is a coffee plant species discovered in 2013 in Honduras. Two years later, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has declared Sommera Cusocoana as an endangered species.

The coffee plant grows 10 meters in height and produces cream colored flowers. It was found at the Cusuco National Park. The species has been classified as endangered because of increased logging activities in the area over the past couple of years.

The condition of the Sommera Cusocoana was found during the study of plant diversity in the Cusuco National Park by Anke Dietzsch and Danies Kelly, both from the University of Dublin. The study was a part of Operation Wallacea, which is an international organisation involved in conservation management projects.

The two researchers hope that their findings will make people more aware and contribute toward’s park diversity conservation.

It is necessary to salvage Sommera Cusocoana for nature’s sake.



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