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Stand Up Comedy

The Internet has transformed the lives we live and see around, be it business, entertainment, as it provides a platform for self-expression, and in past few years comedy, is emerging as the fastest growing genres. Stand up comedy is no different.

Recently a comedy show, “Comedy Hunt” was launched by the “Only Much Louder” media manager on YouTube. The show was judged and mentored by the Internet comedy veterans like Kanan Gill, Biswas, Aditi Mittal, Abish Matthew and Jose Covaco.

The show provided the upcoming aspiring Internet comedians the much-needed platform, access to media and lots of incentives. The web hunt attracted enthusiastic participation with more than 1500 from over sixty cities.The contestants had to make funny videos at unusual location and experiment with the different format.

Out of 40 shortlisted videos, 5 finalists were selected. The talented and super funny duo of Random and Chikibum emerged as a winner. The mentor Biswas Kalyan Rath says that their videos were constantly funny and fresh.

These young comedians are attacking the stereotype and taboo in a very funny and light way. The many entries on pornography ban, meat ban and noodles and other recent events show that comedy is a powerful medium to engage with the people and the thorny issues can be dealt with humor.



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