5 Steps Entrepreneurs Should Take After Graduating With an MBA

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Written by Preeti Nath

If you are a recent MBA graduate or are thinking about getting into an MBA program at some point, one of the biggest decisions you need to make is what you plan to do after graduating with this degree.

Getting an MBA is something that program participants need to go into having a viable plan. Some MBA students are readying themselves for a career as an executive in an existing corporation, and other students are looking beyond that role and striving to be independent business owners.

Here are steps entrepreneurial MBA students should take after graduation.

1. Forge a Partnership

At the conclusion of your MBA program, don’t say goodbye to your professors and fellow students just yet. If you plan to go into business for yourself, aim to connect with others in your program that have similar goals.

Ideally, you’ll partner up with someone else who has strong talents and expertise with business operations. This can make your dreams of being an entrepreneur much more feasible.

2. Choose an Industry

Next, choose an industry for your proposed business idea. Look for industries that are poised to grow within the near future. Make sure your business idea is unique and matched to the needs of your future customers.

The top MBA programs, like WSU Online, equip their students with the necessary understanding about the upcoming trends in business, making this step a breeze.

3. Write a Business Plan

Once you’ve made decisions about the scope of your future venture, the next step is to get it in writing. Take your top business school writing skills and put them to use by creating a custom business plan for your idea.

This may take a few weeks or months, depending on the amount of research you choose to do. Use models and guides online if your business plan writing skills aren’t stellar.

4. Get Necessary Funding during MBA

After you’ve prepared your business plan, your next goal is to get some funding. Raising money for your venture can take on many different forms, such as loans, investments, lines of credit, or even crowdsource funding.

Most online MBA options help their students tackle this important step by suggesting many different possible methods of securing funds for starting a new business. At University of Maryland’s online MBA program, students can learn top strategies for this essential step.

5. Start Making It Happen

Finally, once you’ve received enough capital, you need to get ready to make important decisions. Choose the right location for your budding venture, and decide if you’ll buy your building outright or simply lease each month.

Buy or rent equipment for your company, and pick out your top suppliers for products, raw materials, and other necessities. Make choices about personnel, such as management options, training ideas, and salary basics. After all of this preparation, then it’s time to start opening your doors and welcoming your first customers.

Starting a career as an entrepreneur takes a few important steps. If you have your MBA degree, you can be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to make these steps go by more efficiently.



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