Top 10 Tech Entrepreneurs in United Kingdom

Britain’s tech industry is growing rapidly. Today’s technology is not just limited to devices and gadgets, but it casts an influence in non-science fields too like journalism, media, banking & investment, and many other areas. We have compiled some of the extraordinary tech entrepreneurs who have successfully established businesses in the IT economy of Britain.


  • William Shu – Deliveroo


William Shu, co-founder, and CEO of Deliveroo, has managed to establish a successful food delivery business in UK. He used a very simple idea and set out to explore the market demand, on his own. After conducting market research and learning about the preferences of the consumers, today, the company has expanded its operations in two hundred cities all over Europe.


  • Ismail Ahmed


Ismail Ahmed is the founder of WorldRemit, a company that provides the facility of transferring money online to different parts of the world. Despite the existence of other money transfer services, Mr. Ahmed laid his concentration in the loopholes of other services and ensured that the same weaknesses did not exist in his company.


  • Azmat Yusuf


Azmat Yusuf launched Citymapper, a decent and more prominent competitor of Google Maps. His main aim is to give users an accurate idea of the transport and traveling routes available in London. Not only his app proved to be helpful for the users, but it also encouraged the use of buses and public transportation. Today, Citymapper operates in many cities of the world.


  • Chris Sheldrick


Chris Sheldrick is tagged as the “mapper” of the world who (along with partners) developed what3words. Mr. Sheldrick came up with the unique idea of connecting maps and geocoding systems, after encountering problems in communication and reaching destinations. According to the geocoding system of what3words, the entire globe has been marked and divided into geographic coordinates, where the coding system has given a unique three-word name to every 3-meter distance.


  • Emily Brooke


Emily Brooke is a successful entrepreneur who has earned the fifth position. She has launched Blaze, in an effort to prevent the loss of life because of bicycle accidents. Main product of her company is to introduce laser-light for bikes, to show an image of a bicycle on the road. Her innovative idea has received enough funding for her to manage the company on her own, as well as invest in the development of LED lights to be introduced in the future.


  • Gareth Williams


Gareth Williams created the multipurpose site and app namely Skyscanner, with an aim to make travelling convenient by providing accurate and compared searches for flight and hotel bookings. According to Mr. William’s philosophy, the company saves the users time and energy. It also increases the options of users while deciding where to stay and which flight to book. Also, the website keeps the users aware about the latest news and tips on travelling. Under the leadership of Mr. Williams, the site is trusted by over 60 million users a month.


  • Samir Desai


Samir Desai is the CEO and co-founder of Funding Circle that started out for providing financial support to small businesses. Within 7 years of the launch of the company, Mr. Desai’s strategic approach has earned the trust of European Investment Bank to fund small scaled business ventures around the globe. Mr. Desai is planning to make Funding Circle a success in other nations including Australia, Canada and Japan as well.


  • Priya Lakhani


Priya Lakhani is amongst the few successful entrepreneurs who have established their mark in three different industries. Ms. Priya started her own brand Masala Masala in the UK food market. However, her most impressive contribution has been in the fields of education and technology with the launch of Century Tech. As a technology platform, the aim of Century Tech is to improve the education system in the UK, by providing teachers details of the student’s performances.


  • Ali Parsa


Ali Parsa, the founder of Babylon Health, used a simple and genius mechanism to make healthcare accessible for people in need. As a health and wellness promoter, Mr. Parsa emphasizes on the need for medical assistance to be made available, even in economically challenging times. This app allows users to get connected with health professionals and learn more about their health issues.


  • Jazib Zaman


Jazib Zaman, a leading tech enthusiast, holds a renowned position in the WordPress market. A developer of themes and plugins (WordPress products), he launched his own software company TechAbout. Under his guidance, the company is serving the largest brands in the world by benefiting from the services of web designing and development. Recently, Mr. Zaman has successfully launched TechEngage, a platform dedicated to inform users about the latest happenings in the tech industry. Another contribution of his is Moneysite.com. Moneysite is a forum that compares price websites for users and guides them over the use of financial and investment services.

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