Tips on Becoming an Owner-Operator

Be an Owner-Operator
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If you like being a truck driver but want more freedom and more money, you might want to consider becoming an owner-operator. Consider looking into companies that offer owner-operator jobs. That way you can make more money and set your own schedule and the company will assist you. Here are tips on becoming an owner-operator.

Lease to a Company or Operate on Your Own?

One advantage of leasing to a company is the support it will provide. The company will offer discounts on certain things, like fuel, insurance, and equipment, and will have operating authority.

If you want to be truly independent, you will need some basic information about business and some experience driving. It sounds inviting to be independent and receive all the revenue from a load but you will have the expenses, too.

Considerations for Picking a Company

Check into the company you are working for and see what they offer as far as leasing as an owner-operator. It could be a good choice to stay where you are because you know the company and the way it does business. However, you owe it to yourself to research a few other companies as well.

Find out what savings you will receive, like fuel, maintenance, and equipment discounts. Find out how your pay is calculated, either by mileage or percentage of the job revenue. Ask if tolls and permits are covered and if the fuel surcharges are reimbursed.

Owner-Operator Truck Maintenance

Driving slowly and maintaining your truck are both essential to reducing costs. Drive 60 mph or less so your engine is not overburdened. Keep on top of oil changes, engine checks and grease jobs.

When you need repair, get a written estimate, and make sure the mechanic is certified. Make sure their work is guaranteed and pay with a credit card. It is easier to resolve a dispute and get your money back with a credit card.



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