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Top Startup Ideas That Are Tearing Down Indian Markets

Top startup ideas in india
Top startup ideas in india

Startup refers to an organization which varies between equities and ideas, from finding a financier to running behind a coder. Internet and Apps have become assets to sell ideas online.

Startups have boosted their sales for the past half decade. They came into action and swept off entire markets to their shoulders and now dominate both, the industry of markets and advertising arenas.

With every second thing on the list of the consumer, you have hundreds of applications to help get the product on the doorstep!

So here is a list of top 5 startup ideas that are tearing the Indian markets!

Top Startup Ideas in India that are a mark of genius!


#1 Freecharge

This is one of the best startups amongst the top startup ideas in India. As the name suggests, it ‘frees’ your recharge by giving offers and coupons such that a person benefits both ways. An apt tagline to go with it, ‘Tera baap Bambani hai, Bambani. Ambani nhi.’ (Meaning: Your father is Bambani, (No one), Not Ambani (richest man of India), it is an amazing startup idea that provides you with loads of deals enough for satisfaction.

#2 Grofers

Grofers- is an application which gives the option to book your grocery using an application with delivery at the customer’s doorstep and also offers discounts. With a number of people opting to buy grocery online, this has emerged as one of the best startups to be delivering groceries.

#3 Paytm

Paytm is one of the top startup ideas in India. A mobile wallet, it allows people to buy products online having to pay with just one click! Best deals as proclaimed and heavy discounts, this is one of the most used mobile wallets of all times.

#4 Ola Cabs

The application is the one of the most widely used in Metropolitan cities of India. Cabs- Minis, Sedans, Autos and best cafeterias in the vicinity. Everything is available on the fingertips. This application helps in getting through bad days of public transports and gets the drivers to reach you within minutes.

#5 DF3D

Wondering what this is? DF3D is Design Factory for 3D Printing. The Union government of India has funded this startup for its peculiarity in the selling off the idea of 3D Printing which has become a global rage courtesy of its diversified applications across numerous sectors. Founded by Deepak Raj, it went from being a B2C venture to a B2B venture.

They captivated the technology used for 3D Printing and used it in an untapped Indian market, where 3D Printing is still unexplored. And they have their own application called Extrud3it.

These are just to name a few of the top startup ideas in India, there are surely a lot more to the list. With the expansion of the brains and the needs of the people, the startup ideas are the only thing to rule the world soon.

Have a pioneering startup idea? So why not start your own to tear the Indian markets at your end?

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