Expand Your Perspective with These Top YouTube Documentaries

Top YouTube Documentaries
Written by Jessee R

Sometimes, you just need one moment to understand something deep, to gain a philosophical or moral perspective, to gain rationale and also to expand your mind and realise the truer meaning of your existence. Documentaries are one such experience which can provide you with such moments.

Over the course of my independent life, as a student and as a professional, I have never shied away from such a cinematic marvel. Currently, with internet booming in the country, my favourite source for fishing out such marvels has become YouTube.

In my free time, I look for stuff that lets me know more and be more. Sometimes I find videos that give me a renewed insight into the human psyche and the depths of positivity or negativity, it can attain.

Well, I am getting too philosophical now, pardon me. Coming back, here is my list of some handpicked documentary videos on YouTube that will expand your hunger for life and reason.

4 Top YouTube Documentaries to Expand Your Perspective

Here you go:

#1 Food Paradise India: Rick Stein

You might be a fan of Master Chef Australia but if you really love experiencing food then you should get hold of this guy. Rick Stein is a famous celebrity chef from the 80/90s based in Britain and has done numerous shows about food in various parts of the world.

In Food Paradise India, Rick explores the rich chemistry and tradition of Indian food by travelling across the country and exploring how the famous curry cuisine takes shape. The 4 part documentary takes you through umpteen delicacies from Kolkata, Madurai, Punjab, Rajasthan, Chennai, Kerala and more exotic places that define India. If you are a foodie, then go and watch it now!

#2 1984 A Sikh Massacre

Everybody has heard somewhere that there was a post-independence dark time in the country when an emergency was levied. There is another time which not much talked about. Yes, my reference is to Operation BlueStar and the horrific incidents that took place when the Indian Militia, on orders of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, captured and killed Sikh Leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

The documentary ventures into the consequences and fatalities that this operation brought upon the common folk and the Indian government. It shows the plight of those caught amid the communal riots and shows a very different and morose picture than what is shown to us.

Apart from the fact that we lost a Prime Minister, there were many atrocities in the communal riots, the effects of which haunt survivors to this day. It is a must watch if you want a better perspective about our nation’s post-independence history.

#3 KEPLER 186F: Life after Earth

If you are a science guy then you will love this. I am sure you must have imagined how a life beyond the dimensions of our planet would be. With the recent developments in science, astronomers and scientists have been able to locate distant planets like ours.

The documentary delves into the fact that sometime in the future humans will have to look for alternate planets as we will on the brink of exhausting all our natural resources. If that’s not the case then you should know that somewhere around 5 billion years down the line, Our Sun will also run out of juice. Where will we go then? Watch this documentary, to get an idea about some beautiful and futuristic concepts which might become true as our technology advances.

#4 Born To Kill: Charles Shobraj

I love understanding the human psyche. Therefore, I watch a lot of serial killer documentaries. I like this one, because if you know what Charles did, his brilliance and his charisma, you will find it hard to believe the evil which lay inside him.

I have to warn you that this video can give you trust issues. However, with a film coming our soon on the misdoings of the famed Bikini Killer, the documentary provides a great insight into the mind of this misguided genius.

You might be thinking that I didn’t mention any of the trending top YouTube documentaries. This is because, I find my own stuff. I think you should also do that. Although YouTube suggested me these videos, but the keyword queries were mine. I guess, that’s the first step towards being really inquisitive.

However, I hope you see some of these shows and let me know how you felt after watching them. I will love to hear your thoughts. Till then, keep finding more!



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