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Tracking Links: Monitor, Compare and Optimize all your Marketing Links in One Place to Increase the Conversion Rate

Tracking Links

The data from tracking links makes our online business efforts easy. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, a blogger or a content publisher, it is essential to track how your links are performing. Suppose, you’ve written a blog post and shared it on Facebook. At maximum, you can see the number of shares on that post. It’s clearly not enough because as an online seller, you need data to create an audience profile. This is where tools like ClickMeter helps, and this is why we’re reviewing it today.

Creating an audience profile is essential to sell. Whether you’re selling products through affiliate links or selling advertising on your blog, you need to understand who are these people clicking on those links.

A detailed audience profile helps to target prospects.

What is ClickMeter?

ClickMeter is a flexible tool for affiliate, advertisers, marketers, and agencies.  As the name suggests, ClickMeter is an indicating tool that measures and tracks the online proceedings of the potential and new customers.  After various encumbrances, ClickMeter has evolved to be the one of the best software tools for monitoring, collecting, sharing and analyzing data that reveals consumer actions.  This live online tracking link does its primary job of tracking the click record of visitors on the website.

It also provides the real time data like unique clicks, IP, and referring URL.  ClickMeter also does an excellent job of identifying click fraud as it recognizes the scam clicks from crawlers.

ClickMeter is not only a click tracking URL but also extends its wings far such as Affiliate tracking tools, Track Backpage Ads, Links Rotator, Track Online Classifieds Ads, Track Tumblr Visitors, Track Subscriptions, Track Adwords Ads, Click Fraud Monitoring, Source Tracking, Conversion Tracking and more.

You can try the tool for free. For premium services like tracking conversions and revenue, there is a cost of $29+ per month.

How Does Tracking Links Work?

The destination URL will be converted into a tracking link with the help of ClickMeter.  Henceforth, the tracking link will be used to advertise instead of the destination URLs.  Now, the link you shared or posted contains the tracking link which will redirect to the original page by tracking the user data.

Here, the user data means the IP address, country or region, keyword, source from where the user has clicked the linked and so on.

Some of the amazing features of ClickMeter are:

  1. Redirect
  2. Track
  3. Analyze
  4. Collaborate
  5. Monitor
  6. Integrate
  7. Develop

ClickMeter has a clear view on its way of satisfying their customers through the detailed and fantastic reporting nature.  They provide the list of links, Click Stream, World Map data, Comparison charts, and conversion data to the customers for them to have a clear view.

Let’s look into some features in detail.

#1 Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate marketing is now trending in the modern business world.  ClickMeter has taken a call of considering it to be the necessary business strategy.  Hence, it provides the service of affiliate tracking.  All you have to do is to register yourself on this website to enjoy the benefits of ClickMeter.

Boost your sales and commissions by creating an account in few seconds.  The setup is so simple; the user will be able to hide the URL destination to protect the commission codes and keywords lists.  You can shorten and customize your link as per your requirement with your domain names.  This manner of link targeting helps affiliates to understand their audience profile. ClickMeter is a single roof under which all links and commissions are managed.

#2 Collection of Data and Tracking Links

You can share the tracking links anywhere, such as social media platforms or email newsletters.  When the viewer clicks on the link, it redirects to the original page.  In the process,  ClickMeter collects the necessary data such as the resource from where it is clicked, browser used by the user, location of the user, and it will also identify whether it is a unique click or not.

#3 Conversion Tracking

In you’re using their paid plans, you can do conversion and revenue tracking. Conversion tracking is the basis of any tracking link, so does ClickMeter.  It allows tracking multiple conversions, commission amount, Conversion Value, Product IDs and so on.  Also, the user can create the filter for their conversion history such as sales and leads, free and paid subscription.

#4 Fraud Alert

As we already mentioned, ClickMeter is an excellent platform to identify the Click Fraud.  They protect from the crawlers and notify the users that they receive fraud clicks. The tool tracks the IP origin of the click, and more than one click originates from the same IP within 30 minutes, it’s identified as non-unique. This process of elimination is much more secure than cookie tracking.

Pros and Cons of ClickMeter

Every coin has two sides.  Likewise, we have many advantages and disadvantages for the usage of this tracking link.  They are as follows:


  • Reliable and accurate
  • Real-time Data
  • SEO Friendly


I didn’t find any cons. The tool is fast and efficient. Some might be bothered about its pricing options but compared to other similar tools, their prices are industry-standard.

Some Other FAQ’s

If you have any further doubts, the below given FAQ’s should help.

Is there any other alternative to ClickMeter?

A:  Since ClickMeter performs three functions (manage, redirect and monitor) on a single platform, we cannot compare with any other alternative to it.

Is it possible to use the own domain name?

A:  For creating short tracking links, the domain name can be utilized of your wish.  However, it has certain limitations.

Is it a web service? Or App?

A:  ClickMeter is a web service, so no need to install it to your desktop. You can perform retargeting on links simply by logging to the system with your username and password.

Is there any minimum commitment?

A:  ClickMeter doesn’t have any signing up or registration fee.  Also, there is no duration limit; you can sign up anytime and stop anytime.

Is there any event limit?

A:  Yes, there is.  If the user exceeds the event limit, they will receive the alert through an email stating that they are nearing the limit.  It also reminds the user of the expiring time and upgrading time.


On the whole, ClickMeter is a reliable, practical and ideal source for tracking links.  It will be a great alternative for business people who are worried about tracking links for their business performance.

Many of the top companies in the world such as Payoneer, Westfield, Amazon BBBuy VIP, Vibes, Henkel, Findthebest, and Equinix use ClickMeter for tracking links. Give them a try for sure!



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