More Than Hundred Killed In a Twin Bomb Blast In Turkey

Twin Bomb Blast In Turkey

In what could be the deadliest and worst possible twin bomb blast attack on Turkish soil, at least hundred people have been reported dead and left many more injured in the capital city Ankara. The twin bomb blast took place in a peaceful rally held by the pro- Kurdish and labour activists outside Ankara’s  the train station.

Bodies lay scattered on the road, covered by flags and banners. The rally was demanding an end to the violence between the Kurdish separatist PKK militants and the Turkish government.

The pro-Kurdish HDP party was among those attending, and it said that it believes its members were the main target of the bombings.

HDP leader Selahettin Demirtas has blamed the state for the attack and has cancelled all election rallies. Mr Demirtas angrily condemned the government as “murderers” and said it had blood on its hands.

The Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has suggested that Kurdish rebels or Islamic State group militants were to blame for this attack on Turkish soil and vowed to carry out a thorough investigation and punish the guilty.

The attacks Saturday came at a tense time for Turkey, a NATO member that borders war-torn Syria, hosts more refugees than any other nation in the world and has seen renewed fighting with Kurdish rebels that has left hundreds dead in the last few months.

People across Turkey are mourning for the victims of this deadliest attack on Turkish soil. Many are wondering: What next? and said that If such an attack could take place in the middle of the capital city, how will security be maintained for elections in three weeks’ time.

In the aftermath of the Ankara attack, the PKK declared a temporary cease-fire. It has declared that it will attack only in self-defence.



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