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Twproject Project Management Software Review

Written by Jessee R

An in-depth review of Twproject project management automation software for teams.

As a project manager, your most primary objective is to achieve all the goals and objectives associated with a project in a given timeframe. Therefore, as the scale of any business grows, projects need to be handled with increasing efficiency.

Managing multiple projects, large teams and a diverse portfolio of clients can be a tough task for any project manager.

However, project management apps like Twproject are using cloud networks and state-of-the-art software to provide complete management solutions to project managers.

What kind of Project Management Framework is Twproject?

It is needless to amplify your overhead costs to develop new infrastructure and set up in-house automated project management systems.

Twproject is a user-friendly project management interface that integrates your entire operational framework on one single screen and makes handling multiple projects exceedingly simple.

While going through the trial version I analyzed its features, tested them with my team members. Then I decided to pen down this review to share my findings!

Ideal for SMBs, Twproject offers great in-house management capabilities at very affordable pricing.

There are numerous challenges that pop up while using traditional project management tools. These include:

  • Increasing burden of keeping multiple projects updated
  • Difficulty in tracking work logs and keeping the team involved
  • Difficulty in tracking project progress and delegated assignments

Focusing on solving these gaps, Twproject has created a friendly framework that eases the burden off the managers’ shoulders and allows a streamlined flow of operations with most of the redundancies automated or mitigated.

In a nutshell, it combines the functionality of project planning; time tracking software, bug-tracking software, task management and document management into one single framework – a complete project management solution.

Here is an overview of its major offerings:

  • Complete Project Management (creation and maintenance until completion)
  • Team Collaboration
  • Issue management
  • Document Management
  • Time management
  • Resource Planning

Let’s look into the features in detail and find out whether Twproject project management is actually worthwhile.


Twproject core value is delivered by the minimization it brings. Using powerful tools like the Gantt Chart, it allows you to visualize and update projects, assignments, events and issues at lightening speeds.

You can add project milestones, dependencies and delegated assignments with single clicks. This provides more time and energy for careful assessment, identifying bottlenecks and taking strategic actions.

#1 Instant Notifications and Alerts

The platform allows you complete control over all your tasks across projects. You get notified about completion of important milestones, deadlines, and deliveries. You can also create customized alerts to keep you up to date on your latest schedule.

You also get notifications in case of budget overflows or even if a task changes hands from one person to another.

I found that this kind of flexible environment that I can monitor all the time is highly productive. It saves a lot of time trying to fish out abnormalities and issues and reports everything in a psychologically recapitulative manner.

For instance, by instantly knowing about missing work logs, you can update your work plan and agenda with a few clicks and automatically adjust your timesheet accordingly. This way, the chances of missing deadlines are minimalized.

#2 Free Trial & Startup

Before actually buying the software, you can generate a unique key and get a 1-month free trial to test it out. You can check out most of the features. Some advanced ones may be difficult to use.

However, you can know all about using the software on their support page and blog. Both have a massive in-built knowledge base with written tutorials, videos, and demos on how to use the various features of Twproject.

Once you have the key, you the installer downloads and within minutes, Twproject is installed on your local server.

You can switch to cloud based servers later on when you scale up operations and need more infrastructure. You have to login first as the admin with no password. Then you can update your profile.

Create Your Profile

#2 Interactive Mobile Interface

One particular feature that I liked is their mobile interface. Some instant benefits include:

  • Access to data anywhere
  • Instant notifications and alerts
  • You can easily add tasks, to-dos anywhere, anytime

The mobile interface supports real-time project management on-the-go.

#3 Advanced Costing Feature for Dynamic Budgeting and Cost Tracking

These features allow you to minimize administrative overheads and focus on important functions. You can track task costs, assignment expenses and more. You can create brilliant reports using these features and analyze data on the move. This way, you start gaining on cost efficiency.

#4 User Friendly Dashboards with 360° View

The dashboard created by Twproject is very satisfying and makes my work a lot easier. I can see all the created projects and their relative progress long with all-important notifications and alerts.

This helps boost productivity by allowing us to take dynamic decisions as the data is readily available and I don’t have to fish for it now and then.


You can create a project easily and customize it with personal features.  You can create your own categories, assign milestones, make templates, provide custom fields, and add custom forms and reports.


Moreover, you can plan your activities dynamically with the Gantt chart feature.

You can follow the waterfall approach as well go Agile! You can create flawless prioritized to-do lists and always stay on top of every process flow.

#5 All-round Team-Collaboration and Task Management

It is quite simple to add team members. If they are not already registered, you can invite them by email. Tasks and roles can be easily assigned.

You can create different work groups for different projects and work accordingly with corresponding team members and colleagues. You can share to-dos, tasks, discuss issues and important deadlines.

The Twproject Resource Manager is a feature that strives to keep all your contacts including teams, clients and customers under one roof. You can create departments and sub-departments and establish a complete CRM framework on one single screen!

This is extremely good for SMBs as traditional CRM frameworks cost a lot!


#6 Instant Collaboration and Data Sharing with Clients

Direct and indirect issues can be shared easily with your clients with the help of the resource manager. You can add documents, images, share links and comment on processes and events to share relevant updates with your clients.


Your customers can add feedback and monitor the progress of their requests on one dedicated page. You can manage your appointments by simply adding them to your agendas.

You will receive instant alerts. Everything is intertwined and every process change intimates an automatic change in subsequent chains. This allows maximum automation and removes excess workload from your shoulders.


As far as communication is concerned, Twproject provides an interface where it is simplified. You can easily notify your team and clients about relevant events and receive notifications about the same.

There is a dedicated forum on their website where you will find ways to promote team communication.

#7 Real-Time Monitoring through Timesheets

Timesheets is another awesome feature that shows you relevant data about project progress. You can check estimation overflows, manage approval processes and customize the timesheet according to your requirements.

You can check the time devoted on projects and the costs associated as well.

Using the Kanban Board you can schedule issues in time and move them across times to intimate them on rectification measures.


#8 Comprehensive Document Management

Each document and image you add is organized and kept according to your projects. Every file is secured with Twproject role based model.

You also get all documents associated with a project at one-click distance. You can easily point out an issue and check it in detail by instantly accessing the relevant document.

This saves a lot of time and boosts productivity. The entire project flow becomes streamlined. The powerful search tool allows you find documents easily.

#9 Issue Tracking


With the help of powerful filters, you can search issues based on variables like clients, dates, status, severity and more.

issue tracking

I like the whole idea because it allows for comprehensive planning where you don’t have to remember every bug. Problems and issues can be added, tracked and solved in real time.


The platform also supports file locking and authoring. You can update previous versions of a file and keep both. This adds to data security and accuracy.

Pricing and Consequent Value

In the image below, you can see the various plans and pricing that Twproject offers. The cost per user is quite minimal and can be efficiently used on a pay as you go model.

The advantage for SMBs as well as Large enterprises that have their own servers is that they save on server costs. Otherwise, hosting the platform on their cloud servers will incur extra charges.

TwProject Project Management Software Pricing

The pricing of the software is heavily justified given the kind of all-round project management and CRM framework it equips you with.

You can either go with in-house servers that have pros like:

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Complete data control
  • Easy integration with LDAP, CRM, ERP and accounting
  • Shared Network Storage
  • Easy Customization
  • Non-expiring licenses

If you want outsourced server capabilities, then the cloud options have their own set of pros:

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Installation and configuration including web-app, DB, mail etc.
  • Maintenance, Monitoring, Backups included
  • All upgrades included



To sum it up, Twproject offers highly automated and user-friendly Project Management Software with enriching features and flexibility. It is cost-effective and simplifies some complex challenges that pop-up in project management.

Project managers should try it at least once, analyze the features and decide for themselves. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.



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