5 Highly Underappreciated Bollywood Actors

underappreciated bollywood actors
Written by Jessee R

Bollywood is full of talent. Throughout the existence of cinema in India, there have been some great names associated with it and they have given the country a body of work seconded to none in talent.

From Balraj Sahni to Raj Kapoor, from Dharmendra to Amitabh Bachchan, from Shahrukh Khan to Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood has had its fair share of talented celebs. But talent and a good body of work does not always ensure heightened name and fame.

There are also those with great talent, but fame and appreciation continue to elude them in one way or the other. Although, when it comes to real artists, fame is immaterial but I believe that real talent should never go unnoticed. So, in this post I have accumulated a small list of underappreciated Bollywood actors who are still due their fair share (Well, according to me!).

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5 Highly Underappreciated Bollywood Actors

Here they are:

#1 Jimmy Shergill

underappreciated bollywood actors jimmy shergill

I believe Jimmy Shergill has all that it takes to be a mega-star. He looks pretty handsome and acts like he owns the stage. If you have seen Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster then you know that this guy can carry the talent with as much swag as possible.

He is a very popular figure in Punjab and we all know him as an accomplished actor but somehow, he has not been so active in the industry. Why do you think it is like that? Well, I hope we see him more in the days to come.

#2 Vijay Raaz

underappreciated bollywood actors vijay raaz

Many have died laughing watching Vijay Raaz’s epic comedic talent in movies like Run, Dhamaal and Delhi Belly. This guy can seriously pack a punch if he wants to. He has been active in the comedy circuit, but his presence is still not that into mainstream movies. I wonder why? He is such an immense talent.

#3 Ashutosh Rana

underappreciated bollywood actors ashutosh rana

Remember this cynical guy from Sangharsh where he completely enraptured everyone with his stunning portrayal. Ashutosh Rana has been around for long and has a long list of critically acclaimed films. Even though his talent came out strong on the silver screen, Rana still couldn’t bag more projects to showcase his skills.

I wonder why this happens with many other talented actors in the industry. Is it politics, or just pure luck? Something to think about!

#4 Konkona Sen Sharma

underappreciated bollywood actors konkona

From Omkara to Wake Up Sid, this lady packs one hell of a punch. I consider her a counterpart to Anne Hathaway in Hollywood when it comes to the body of work and talent. I still remember the sequence when she kills Saif Ali Khan’s character, Langda Tyagi in the highly acclaimed Shakespearean movie Omkara. Now, when I compare that with her soft spoken but confident role in Wake Up Sid, I see a range of acting talent that mesmerizes me.

However, with many critically acclaimed performances to her name, Konkona has still not received her fair share. Well, I definitely hope to see more from her in the time to come, don’t you?

#5 Pankaj Tripathy

underappreciated bollywood actors pankaj tripathy

This guy is a serious talent for me. I mean, look at his flawless performance in Gangs of Wasseypur. Many other accomplished Bollywood actors would have failed that role miserably, but not Pankaj. His performances in other movies like Fukrey, Masaan and Manjhi can hardly go unnoticed.

With his recent inclusion in the much awaited Dilwale (Shahrukh and Kajol coming back again!), things seem to be on brighter side but imagine the wait given that he has been in the industry for 15 years now. Well, I love his acting and am sure you do too!

The industry is a cruel place, full of competition, politics and more. But somehow, genuine talent finds its ways through the narrows and comes out into the light. I certainly hope that these actors and many others who give us flawless masterpieces each year find what they are looking for and never go unnoticed.

Who’s your favourite acting talent? Do you like any of these actors? Share your thoughts with us!



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