Vijender Singh had a great start to his Pro-Boxing career

Vijender singh

Vijender Singh, star Indian boxer, created history here on Saturday in professional boxing arena by knocking out Britain’s Sonny Whiting on his debut match. Vijender completely demolished his opponent Sonny who has promised to put him through hell here in Manchester Arena.

Vijender Singh won the bout with few second left in the third  of the four-round bout via technical knockout. He punched his opponent literally onto the ropes and used a combination of jabs and uppercuts to win the match. So forceful was his attack that referee had to intervene at last.

Vijender entered the arena with full of confidence and did not show any kind of nervousness and got down to business right from the start in spite of this being his debut match.

In fact, it was Whiting who looked clueless against Vijender, unsure which move to use next.

Vijender used his long reach and swift movements to perfection against his opponent, who himself is just a four bout old.

“Thanks to all my fans. My next match will be in Harrow, enjoy it. It is new to me, but I am working hard. It’s going well, I want to win! That’s just a beginning,” said the boxing star after a fantastic start in Pro circuit.

In the starting few minutes of the match, he started cautiously, taking the measure of his opponent. He came back strong in the second round and landed few clean and nasty jabs thereby taking the early advantage. He grew in confidence in next round, made few clean hits and clinched the match against the Whiting who himself looked erratic and unsure against Vijender Singh.

Vijender expressed his desire of becoming a professional champion for which is working really hard. Going by his debut match, he possesses all the quality to be one and need to keep up the good work.



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