Web Hosting Secrets Revealed (WHSR) Review: The Hosting Britannica?

Web Hosting Secrets
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If you are a blogger and you don’t know who the guys behind Web Hosting Secrets Revealed are then you must be living under a rock!

When it comes to even the minutest of details about web hosting, Google trusts nobody else. Don’t believe me. See for yourself:

Even Google Knows who they are WHSR

Since its inception in May 2008, Web Hosting Secrets Revealed has been catering hosting information to the world just like McDonalds caters its burgers. It was started by a blogger named Jerry Low who had suffered at the hands of bad hosting providers.

So he went on and took the mantle of providing net folks with the best information about hosting and all the information about hosting!

If you are a newbie then you should know that a bad hosting service can diminish the actual potential of your blog by more than ten times. Downtime, site crashes, slow loading speeds are a common feature of crappy hosting services.

But don’t worry, WHSR has your back!

Today, it is one of the most reliable sources of information on the Internet for hosting shoppers, bloggers, website managers and webmasters.

It has different sections for encompassing each nook and cranny of the hosting infrastructure. 

‘Web Hosting Secrets Revealed’ Hosting Review

This section caters to hosting shoppers who are looking for reliable information and practical guidance.

WHSR Hosting Reviews

There are over 50 hosting reviews available for you to scrape over. You can easily compare different features, compare all the different customer experiences and make an informed choice.

It has details about all the major hosting providers. It is highly helpful for newcomers as they can find some really affordable and cheap hosting options from across the world in here with all their intricate details.

The layout is made such that you can easily compare major offerings and features. The review star rating system definitely makes things easier to decide.

You should also read out the in-depth guide for web hosting beginners.

The WHSR Blog

Here you can find detailed articles across niches like blogging, web development and Internet Marketing.

The WHSR Blog

It is more of an Internet Marketing and blogging news network on the Internet. Constantly updated, it can provide you with the latest information about all the sectors that matter to you as an Internet careerist.

Bloggers can learn about the new trends in blogging, Marketers can find a regularly updated stream of content tips, marketing hacks and other noteworthy blog posts under this section.

The nature of the blog is completely information oriented. If you are looking for detailed content in the Internet marketing niche then you will most probably find it here.

WHSR Uptime Monitor

It is an in-house tool that they have developed that can help you to track your web host uptime.

WHSR Uptime Monitor

As you can see, I just started monitoring my company website, FOR FREE. You can monitor up to ten of your hosts’ uptime performance at absolutely no cost at all.

If you are facing problems with your current hosting an are unable to find the answers, I guess you should give this tool a try. You can track all HTTPS protocols here and get to know performance over time.

It is a really handy tool for those looking to not lose valuable readers due to bad hosting.

Free EBook On Signup

When you sign up to their newsletter, they give you a free resource in the form of a detailed EBook about how to be extremely successful in blogging.

If you are a newbie, then you should read this book not only because of the sheer information but also because of the high level of insights provided.

Free Ebook WHSR

WHSR definitely seems like the trustworthiness source of information for hosting shoppers. You will find detailed input into uptime averages of different hosting providers, their levels of customer service, their pricing and does it justify the features they offer… and all other stuff!

So yes, in all certainty, Web Hosting Secrets Revealed is a Britannica encyclopaedia when it comes to information on everything “hosting”.

In addition, you can also check out top hosting service providers with reviews and top cloud storage service providers.



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