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WhatsApp Tips: How to Get Desktop Notifications?

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Texting has been replaced by chatting globally. For reference sake, WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used application. In spite of millions of chatting applications available out there in the virtual world, WhatsApp has been unconquerable.

With Facebook taking over WhatsApp at the beginning of 2015, there was one big move taken in the right direction. WhatsApp Web was introduced which required a simple step of barcode scanning and WhatsApp could be used on the PC effortlessly, without losing any data.

Initially, it was a little difficult to comprehend the working and a limitation was that WhatsApp Web was available for only Chrome browser. With developments, it was also launched for the iOS browser i.e. Safari.

WhatsApp tips have been handy always and useful in able to master the art of using the application.

WhatsApp Tips: How to Get Desktop Notifications?

Here is the process.

# 1 Open the Menu option of your WhatsApp on phone

The latest version of WhatsApp needs to be updated on your Android and iOS devices. Following which the menu options will include WhatsApp Web

whatsapp tips whatsapp menu options

# 2 Log on to web.whatsapp.com to scan the QR Code.

The next step is to log on to www.web.whatsapp.com from your PC in order to scan the QR Code that is shown on the computer screen using the QR code scanner available in the phones.

whatsapp tips , webpage

QR Code

# 3 Turn on the Notifications by clicking the ‘blue’ dialogue box on the top left corner.

The blue bubble on the top left corner gives the option to activate WhatsApp Notifications for the desktop. Once you click on it, it will lead to another dialogue box.

whatsapp tips allow the blue notification bubble

# 4 Allow the pop-up which asks you permission as a reconfirmation.

The new dialogue box will be in the form of a pop-up which asks for your permission to allow or deny the message for activating WhatsApp notifications.

whatsapp tip allow the pop up                 allow the pop up , whatsapp tip

# 5 Voila! Your WhatsApp Notifications are activated.

WhatsApp will now all your chats to pop up and you will be notified about your chats even when your browser has been minimised. The name of the sender and his message will be displayed in a bubble on the right-hand-side bottom of your computer screen.

Need more WhatsApp tips for extra help?

The WAToolkit, a free extension is a solution!

The desktop Notification system can reap better if an additional extension called the WAToolkit is installed in your browsers. This extension will enable the user to expand speech bubbles and even if the site hasn’t been launched, this toolkit will still allow the user to receive notifications.

A new icon will show up on the browser’s toolbar on which a can click will display new messages. This will also help to completely stay away from your phone, but still receive the notifications of all WhatsApp chats too!

whatsapp tips , WAToolkit

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These WhatsApp tips are all you need to ensure in order to activate WhatsApp notifications for your desktop. If there are more hindrances to activate these notifications even after you have followed these tips, all you need to do is click here for Chrome and here for Safari.

Enjoy WhatsApp-ing on your PC!



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