Use the Sun to Power up your Gadgets: Window Solar Charger Review

Solar Powered Charger

We love trying out new tech gadgets, particularly those that can make our time in the office just a bit more efficient. There’s a bevy of new solar-powered gadgets out there on the market, which is great if you have a window handy.

We decided to give this Window Solar Charger a try. It aims to solve two problems at once: keeping devices charged, and saving energy. So how did it do?

Window Solar Charger Review

Main features

This solar charger gift idea makes use of the environment to help you keep your device charged. It’s currently available at the gifts.co.uk website in the UK. The charger is powered with a 1.300 mAh lithium battery, which harnesses solar energy to keep charged.

The lithium battery is fully rechargeable. There’s a mini USB cable included to let you connect it to your smartphone, tablet, or camera. It’s portable, with no power outlet needed.

What’s in the box?

When you open up the box for the first time, you’ll find the Window Solar Charger device, which is a square-shaped, lightweight box with built-in PV panel. It includes a detailed user guide, a silicone ring for sticking it on the window, and a USB cable to keep it connected.

Solar Charger

Window Solar Charger Review: How it works

At first we were afraid that the silicone cup wouldn’t be up to the job of keeping the Solar Charger mounted onto the window, but it seemed to stick quite well. A benefit of the cup is that you can stick and unstick your charger to take it with you, so it’s not stuck in just one place.

One cool feature is the LED lighting system included with the Window Solar Charger. It alerts you when its own battery is fully charged, so that you can unplug it.

The light turns green when the battery’s full. It takes a few hours to charge devices, depending on how much daylight is available – up to 13 hours in bright sunlight to charge its own battery.

The Bottom Line

This is a great little device for those who want to make their home more eco-friendly. However, its usefulness will be determined somewhat by how much sunlight you have available. If you don’t have any sunny windows, you may find that it takes a good while longer than 13 hours to charge batteries.

Everything works as it should otherwise, and it’s quite handy to have a portable solar power charging device like this, as you can take it with you for meetings or even on holiday.

Do give the window solar charger a try.



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