Wireless Charging Technology Replacing USB – Are they the Future?

Wireless Charging Technology
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Technological innovations and adaptations are a benchmark of development in our modern age. From Graham Bell’s telephone to high-end communication means, we have come a long way. In this post, I am going to talk about wireless charging technology, which has the potential to change our future.

What is Wireless Charging Technology?

It is the technology of charging your devices without any wires and ports! Isn’t that amazing? Just plop the smartphone on the charging pod and the device charges.

It’s the future.  

According to a IHS study, 16% of respondents already use wireless charging technology. Our current world depends on micro-USB every day and wireless charging could be the next best thing. It works on the concept of electromagnetic induction where the base station consists of wire coils. These coils create a magnetic field to enable current passing.  This magnetic field creates electric current in the adjacent set of coils, and you have wireless charging.

Wireless charging technology isn’t new. It’s been available since 2008 when Wireless Power Consortium had its first meeting and since 2011, the technology has been available in smartphone.

For example, the Nexus 6 has wireless charging as a standard option. In 2014, Starbucks in Boston announced the decision to equip their stores for wireless charging and as of latest reports, most of the Starbucks stores have the technology enabled.

Wireless Charging Technology

Not just smartphones, you have wireless charging furniture by IKEA. If you use a Qi-enabled direct charging phones, simply set the phone on +sign embedded into the furniture and your phone will charge. However, the furniture needs to be plugged in so there’s a long way to go!

Some nature of wire-visibility is still there, which means the wireless charging technology hasn’t fully developed.

Would you believe if I said that the nature of charging wirelessly was figured out by Tesla in 1891? Seems preposterous but it’s a scientific fact. We have had more than 100 years to perfect the technology but we are still fumbling with loose ends.

Do you need Wireless Charging Technology in your next Smartphone?

The Qi standard is a good measurement of wireless technology. If you haven’t bought the Qi chargers, try them. No matter whether you buy a Samsung or a $6 Chinese unbranded unit from places like Amazon, it will work with your current and future device.

Wireless charging is convenient. The hassle to manage multiple wires end. You can keep the charging pods anywhere – on your workstation, in the living room, on your nightstand, in your car – absolutely anymore.

Certainly, you will incur the initial costs of buying the charging bases but they come at a very affordable price. View the list of 15 best wireless chargers available presently.

You can learn more about wireless charging technology possibilities on the Humavox.com blog.


Time has come to create a meaningful safe charging option. Trepidation triumphed innovation; otherwise, it would have happened years ago. Now that the IoT ecosystem is growing, the need for wireless charging technology is more than ever!



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