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Workfast – An “On Demand” Platform for Temporary Staffing Needs


The writer talks about Workfast, a company based in Australia, fulfilling short-term staffing needs.

From the Industrial Revolution to the post-2000 era, the staffing and employment industry has undergone a massive overhaul. From people working in assembly line method in one of Ford’s factories to people opting to have a relaxed approach to work, the ongoing technological advancements birthed through the Internet age is paving the way for exciting times ahead. The idea of 8-hour shifts is going away. People are comfortable with multiple employment opportunities, with mostly opting to work-from-home to take care of families. The Internet has made this possible.

An article on Parade.com predicts that the number of on-demand workforces is projected to more than double in the next four years. The Vice President of Intuit, Alex Chriss, says:

There has been a shift in employment that’s been going on for the last 30 years. In 1989, six percent of the U.S. workforce was ‘contingent’ – workers getting some income from freelancing or independent contracting or being self-employment. Today it is 34 percent, and we think it is rising to 40 percent by 2020.

Staffing agencies have always been there in the offing. The ecosystem changed with the introduction of platforms like UpWork and Uber – one deals with giving freelancers’ resources to find employment and the other offering on-demand commute channels. A study in 2015 by Work Market on 1,037 companies found that experienced and skilled individuals are in-demand over on-demand marketplaces.

As such, seeing platforms like Workfast come up with custom solutions for businesses to hire temporary staff quickly and efficiently contributes significantly to the growing employment trend.

What is Workfast?

Workfast in an Australia-based “on-demand” workforce provider, which aims to become Australia’s largest on-demand worker marketplace. Workfast says that they reduce business hiring costs by 30 percent and gives workers better work conditions. Presently, the casual workforce in Australia accounts for 23.9 percent of the available manpower.

Talking to The Australian, Tim Nieuwenhuis, the Co-Founder, and CEO, about their technological prowess, says:

With Workfast, you would post your job at 7.05 AM, and then choose a suitable worker from those who are available and negotiate a price based on experience and ratings. The whole process could be done in less than 15 minutes, and the person could be in your business by 9 AM.

Getting skilled and experienced temporary staff working at your location within 2 hours is amazing!

How to Navigate Workfast?

You sign up as an employer and post a project. The Workfast workforce sees the job post and instantly reply to you. You select the best match, and the worker/s comes to your location. Payment is made only if you are satisfied with the work. With Workfast, you get service at 30 percent cheaper than the current agency rates. There are no:

  • subscription fees
  • listing fees
  • signup fees

Workfast has no listing fees

Workfast follows national employment standards. You can cancel a schedule/shift before 2 hours without incurring any penalty. You can handpick the best workers.

Usually, staffing agencies charge $50 an hour, plus their management fee. Here, they can offer the same manpower at an all-inclusive fee of $35 per hour, saving you a neat 30 percent fee right there.

How does Workers Use Workfast?

Workfast function in labour hire segment with two methods. You can either become a Contractor or a Workfast employee. As a contractor, you are free to negotiate payment terms, and you are responsible for insurance. As a Workfast employee, you will be covered by the Fair Work standards.

There are a lot of takers for the on-demand marketplace. According to Nieuwenhuis, the company did a business of $700,000 in the first three months of operations, bringing 50 companies and 1000 workers to the platform. The temporary work industry is worth $19 billion, and Workfast is ready to handle the demand.

Workfast is dealing in a market with high potential. Their aim is to increase productivity and reduce hiring costs. Given the current industry trends, I would say that Workfast is right on track.



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