Xbox Exclusives: Is 2017 A Let Down?

Written by Preeti Nath

Now that Microsoft has revealed the date and time of its press conference at this year’s E3, the competition to see who can predict the contents of the briefing is on.

In some ways, our work is cut out for us. Microsoft’s decision to change things up by hosting its keynote on the Sunday in the South Hall, separate from the competition, suggests they’re pulling out the stops for the release of Xbox Scorpio.

Xbox 1

Unless you’ve seen the list of Xbox exclusives.

While not disappointing in their right, do they really suit the general shroud of mystery Microsoft has created with its announcements? It also doesn’t help that they’re up against Sony.

Forever rivals, the two gaming companies will always be compared against one another, and it looks like, for at least 2017, Microsoft is losing.

Sony’s had an unprecedented year, with such exclusives as The Last Guardian, Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Uncharted series, and Last of Us 2. On the other hand, Microsoft started 2017 with disappointment, announcing they cancelled the long-awaited Scalebound, saying they’re focusing on other experiences instead.

Xbox 2

Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss man, says 2017 is all about building up the console’s library by strengthening the Xbox One’s backward compatibility lineup.

Mike Ybarra, a Microsoft platform engineer, confirmed over Twitter that it would be a feature shared by the soon to be released Scorpio. It comes as a huge relief to anyone who’s built up their catalogue of games from the Xbox 360. You won’t have to shelve your favourite games just because you’ve upgraded to the beefy, graphics-heavy Scorpio.

You will, however, have to switch up your customised decals from console to console. While we know about what’s under the hood, nothing regarding the Scorpio’s dimensions has been leaked.

We’re willing to bet its 8-core AMD CPU and six teraflops graphics card will come in a completely new package. Don’t create a decal or skin until these dimensions are released.

A company like dbrand waits to get these exact numbers to create the tailor-made coverage they’re known for. That’s how they managed to build the tight fitting Xbox One skins already in their lineup. If waiting until the holidays is too long to wait for your Scorpio skin, you can always check out dbrand.com/shop/xbox-one-skins to see what you can slap on your current console right away.

Like taking it out for a test spin, it can help you decide if that design is right for the Scorpio.

Xbox 4

Whether you spring for the Scorpio when the time comes, or you stick with your trusted Xbox One, the fact remains, you may be a little let down this year. Sea of Thieves is the one new IP that stands out from the short list of exclusives, which technically saw a teaser at last E3.

The community-driven action-adventure MMO will have you exploring the 7 Seas in search for pirate booty while challenging other pirate ships along the way. We also have updates to both the State of Decay and Crackdown franchises to look forward to.

The remaining games, like Cuphead and Rise and Shine, are leaving some Xbox gamers a little disappointed. And a little curious. Maybe Microsoft is hiding something up their sleeve for their Scorpio briefing. Or maybe not.

How do you feel about the year’s list of Xbox exclusives? Do you agree that they’ve dropped the ball, or are you one of the few fans of the 1930s inspired Cuphead?

However you feel about 2017, at least the list of cross-platform titles will fill in any gaps.



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